Obtain a Notarized Affidavit of Domestic Partnership

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The Ins and Outs of a Notarized Affidavit of Domestic Partnership

Your employer or insurer may ask for proof of a domestic partnership, or you may wish to register for domestic partnership rights for your partner and yourself. To make your domestic partnership official, you’ll need a notarized affidavit of domestic partnership.

We’ll break down this document and showcase the best way to notarize any document!

Why Is an Affidavit of Domestic Partnership Important?

Having a notarized affidavit of domestic partnership lets you register for domestic partnership rights similar to those for married couples. The partnership rights include:

  • Visiting each other in jail or the hospital
  • Overseeing funeral arrangements for a partner
  • Making educational choices for the children of a partner
  • Making health care decisions for an incapacitated partner
  • Serving as the emergency notification contact for a partner
  • Getting coverage on a family health insurance policy
  • Taking family leave for a sick partner

Requirements for Affidavits of Domestic Partnership

Requirements for affidavits of domestic partnership vary in different U.S. states. In New Jersey, for example, both partners need to be at least 62 years old to register their domestic partnership, while in most states, the minimum age is 18. Another major difference is the time spent living together—it can be six months, a year, or undefined.

Typical criteria require both partners to:

  1. Share a common residence
  2. Be in a committed relationship of mutual caring
  3. Have joint property ownership or joint financial arrangements
  4. Share each other’s basic living expenses during the domestic partnership

The partners cannot be related to each other. They also aren’t supposed to be married or in a domestic partnership at any point within the previous year or sometimes less, depending on the state.

Where Can I Find an Affidavit of Domestic Partnership?

Getting an affidavit of domestic partnership form depends on your state and sometimes even the city. Typically, local registrar offices have them, and you’re often required to get the affidavits there and not from any other place. Most offices have notaries on staff that can notarize your affidavit. If you want to notarize it on your own, you should check your state or city regulations first.

Types of Notaries

If you’re able to find a notary by yourself, you may opt for one of the following:

  1. Regular notaries—providing in-person notary service
  2. Mobile notaries—visiting signers to notarize documents
  3. Electronic notaries—performing an in-person notarization on electronic documents
  4. Online notaries—notarizing documents online via a video call

Notary Fees Explained

Notarization costs are not unified in all states. Even within one state, there are differences in notarial fees depending on the notarial act (e.g., jurats, acknowledgments, and verbal oaths and affirmations) and whether it’s charged per document or signature.

Certain states impose a fee cap limiting notaries as to how much they can charge for their services. Usually, notaries charge $5 or $10. Online notarization can set you back up to $25.

Besides the notary fees, mobile notaries can charge for travel expenses. All types of notaries can charge for additional administrative tasks, such as printing, scanning, delivering, and providing records of the notarization.

Finding a Notary on My Own

If a notary is not provided for you at the place where you get an affidavit of domestic partnership and you are allowed to get it notarized on your own, you can use one of these websites to find a notary:

You can also try browsing a phone book or googling notaries and notary services in your area.

Some public places, such as banks, UPS stores, public libraries, or AAA locations, offer notary services, so they may be worth visiting.

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