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Can You Have Documents Notarized Without Going to a Notary in Alexandria, VA?

Having certain documents—such as wills, trusts, real estate deeds, and similar—notarized is essential if you want them to carry weight. We will help you avoid wasting time on the standard notarization procedure by connecting you with an online notary in Alexandria, VA. to handle your document notarization from any device in a snap!

What Can a Notary Public in Alexandria, VA, Do?

Notaries in Alexandria, Arlington, or any other Virginia city or county are authorized to:

  1. Take acknowledgments
  2. Certify affidavits or depositions
  3. Notarize copies of documents
  4. Administer oaths
  5. Perform verifications of acts

During notarization, all signing parties need to appear before the notary, either in person or virtually. If you aren’t physically present, the notary has to reject notarizing your document. The notary can also choose not to perform the notarization if he or she:

  • Can’t identify you
  • Notices that you’re intoxicated, disoriented, or not familiar with the contents of the document you’re signing
  • Detects suspicious or fraudulent actions
  • Thinks someone forced you to sign the document

Alexandria, VA, Notary Fees

Virginia notaries have to respect state laws regarding the maximum fees for notary services. They can charge up to $5 per notarial act performed in person and $25 for remote notarization.

When it comes to travel and administrative fees, notaries can determine the price independently, but they must inform their clients about the costs in advance.

Disadvantages of the Traditional Notarization Procedure

Standard notarization usually takes a few days or weeks, and it includes the following steps:

Finding a notaryYou can find a notary public in Alexandria in a few ways:
Scheduling a meetingOnce you find a notary whose location and prices you like, you should call to schedule a meeting as most places require it
Heading over to the notary’s officeCollect all the documents you’d like to have notarized and bring them to the notary’s office
Waiting until the notary performs a notarial actWhen you show up, the notary will:
  • Ask for your ID to verify your identity
  • Determine which notarial act to perform
  • Establish whether you know what you’re signing
  • Make sure you’re signing the document willingly
Paying notary feesYou should be informed about the fees in advance either on the notary’s website or over the phone
Waiting for the notary to write a notarial certificateIf everything goes smoothly, the notary will write a certificate that includes:
  • Your name
  • Date and time of notarization
  • The notarial act that he or she performed
  • Notary signature
  • Notary stamp

Other Ways To Get Your Documents Notarized in Alexandria

Besides having your documents notarized the traditional way, you can also schedule a meeting with a mobile, electronic, or remote notary.

Mobile Notaries

Traveling notaries don’t work from offices—they come to your preferred location and notarize documents there. While convenient, this option can be expensive because mobile notaries charge additional fees to cover their travel expenses.

Electronic Notaries

Electronic notaries perform notarization of electronic documents. While you still need to appear before the notary in person, this option is slightly more convenient because you can email your documents instead of bringing them with you.

Online Notaries

In-person notarization isn’t the only option that Alexandria citizens have. Remote notarization is—by far—the most efficient way of notarizing documents. During online notarization, the notary will identify you and witness your signature via a video call, which will help you save a lot of time. While you can find many online notarization platforms online, most of them are expensive and difficult to navigate.

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