Get Familiar With the Citrus College Financial Aid Program

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Citrus College Financial Aid Made Crystal Clear

Citrus College is an attractive choice for students seeking top-quality education and a variety of places to explore in the school’s vicinity, such as beaches, nature, Disneyland, Hollywood, and more! Are you an aspiring Citrus College student in need of financial aid? This guide explains how to apply for Citrus College financial aid and if it doesn’t work in your favor!

What Types of Financial Aid Does Citrus College Offer?

The Citrus College financial aid package can include:

  1. Grants
  2. Loans
  3. Scholarships
  4. Work-study programs

Grants at Citrus College

Citrus College offers the following grants:

  • Federal grants
    • Pell Grant
    • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
    • Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Grant
  • State grants
    • California College Promise Grant (CCPG)
    • Cal Grant
    • The California Chafee Grant Program
    • Student Success Completion Grant
    • Extended Opportunities Programs and Services (EOPS)

Citrus College Financial Aid—Loans

You can opt for one of the following federal loaning programs at Citrus College:

  • Federal Direct Subsidized Loans
  • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans
  • Federal Direct PLUS Loans

To be eligible for federal loans at Citrus College, you must:

  • Complete and submit a FAFSA application
  • Be enrolled in at least six units in the current academic year
  • Get the award letter
  • Complete online entrance counseling and a Master Promissory Note (MPN)

Scholarships at Citrus College

Information about scholarships offered by this school is not available after applications get closed, but you should start checking the official website as soon as you put Citrus College on your wishlist.

You can use the following external scholarship sources to acquire additional funds for attending Citrus College:

  • FinAid
  • Edison
  • FastWeb
  • eCampusTours
  • College Board
  • Harry Truman Scholarships
  • Discover Nursing Scholarships
  • International Education Financial Aid
  • Tuition Funding Sources​ (TFS Scholarships)​
  • The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Scholarship
  • ​​​​​California Health Professions Scholarships
  • MALDEF ​Scholarships (​for all students, regardless of their immigration status)

Citrus College Financial Aid—Work-Study Programs

If you’re seeking part-time employment during your studies at Citrus College, you have two options:

Federal Work-StudyThe government reserves funds you can acquire by working on- or off-campus. You should stop working if:
  • You drop below the unit requirement, which is a minimum of six units during fall and spring and three units during winter and summer
  • Run out of FWS funds
  • Reach June 30

If you run out of FWS funds, you can switch to regular employment

Student employmentStudents must be enrolled in 12 units to be eligible for regular student employment. You can work on-campus to earn the minimum wage authorized by the State of California

How To Apply for Citrus College Financial Aid

Citrus College requires you to complete three steps to apply for financial aid:

  1. Submit your FAFSA or CADAA application by the final deadline, which is June 30, and include the school’s code, which is 001166
  2. Check your Citrus College email account frequently because the school may prompt you to correct mistakes on your application or submit additional documents
  3. Complete all necessary tasks by September 2 and allow 10–15 days for the school to process your application

If you’re applying for the Cal Grant, you will need to complete the application on the California Student Aid Commission homepage by March 2.

You can contact the Citrus College Financial Aid Office for more assistance by:

What Can I Do if Citrus College Denies Me Financial Aid?

You can appeal the school’s decision, but the process depends on your student status:

  • Continuing students—Submit an SAP Appeal using your Citrus College account and upload all supporting documentation. The school will review your appeal, and if it accepts it, you will be put on probation during the current semester
  • Prospective studentsFile an appeal by writing a letter. A well-written financial aid appeal letter includes reasons why Citrus College is your first choice, offers you received from other schools, and any circumstances that have affected your financial situation since you applied

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Use DoNotPay To Get More Financial Aid From Citrus College

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  2. Answer some questions about your financial aid application and the response you got from Citrus College

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