Learn How To Apply for Financial Aid and Appeal Any College’s Decision With Zero Complications

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Great Tips on How To Apply for Financial Aid as a Student

Finding the necessary financial assets for your college education may be challenging since most tuitions are ridiculously expensive. The good news is that you don’t have to take a year off until you earn the money because there’s a special kind of financial aid for college you can take advantage of.

This article will teach you how to apply for financial aid for students by offering a simple, step-by-step guide to this procedure! You will also find out how can help you appeal the college’s decision in under five minutes without bureaucratic hurdles.

How To Apply for College Financial Aid

The first step of requesting student aid for college is completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This is a free form used for the assessment of college financial aid eligibility. Before filling it out, you must:

  1. Consider federal and state financial aid application deadlines—Most states and colleges have specific time limits for submitting FAFSA. If you fail to meet the deadline, your application won’t be accepted
  2. Prepare the necessary documents and records—To complete the form, you need various types of information found in your:
    1. ID or driver’s license
    2. Social Security card or green card
    3. Bank statements and other financial records
    4. Income tax return paperwork
  3. Create an FSA ID—This procedure takes a few minutes, and it enables you to sign the FAFSA form electronically. All you should do is create your username and password and sign in before you decide to fill out the form

There are four ways to submit FAFSA:

Federal Student Aid Programs

P.O. Box 7654

London, KY 40742-7654

  • Dialing (800) 433-3243 and asking for a printed form to be mailed to your home address so that you can complete it and send it back

Do I Apply for College Financial Aid With FAFSA Only?

In most cases, yes. Some private colleges also require an additional form—CSS Profile—to provide their own student financial aid. It costs $25.00 along with the first college, while adding another college to the list will cost $16.00.

What Information Do I Need for Completing FAFSA?

The FAFSA form has around 100 questions you must answer. These are divided into a few categories, which are described further in the table below:

Student infoThe introductory part includes the basic info about the student, such as:
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Contact details
  • Marital status
  • Citizenship details
  • Potential convictions
  • Education information
Taxes and income
  • IRS income tax return details
  • Tax filing status
  • Gross income
  • Untaxed income
  • Savings and accounts
  • Investments and real estate
  • Other financial information
Parental info
  • Names
  • Birth dates
  • Marital status
  • Marriage length
  • Contact details
  • Social Security Numbers of both parents
  • Parents’ income and tax information
Household info
  • Number of family members in the household
  • Previous federal benefits—if there are any
  • List of colleges to whose financial aid program you want to apply
  • Federal school codes
  • Housing plans
Final section
  • Signatures of the applicant and both parents
  • Form completion date
  • Notes

What Happens After Submitting FAFSA When Applying for Financial Aid?

Upon sending the application, you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) by mail or email if you provided your email address in the form. This is a document that summarizes all the disclosed information from your FAFSA, including:

  • Estimated Family Contribution (EFC)
  • Estimated eligibility for the desired student loans or other types of aid
  • Whether your application has been eligible for verification

SAR should reach your inbox or home address within three to 21 days, depending on the application submission method.

Once you receive it, you should revise the reported details and see if the form requires any corrections. If everything is alright, keep the document for your records. In case of any mistakes, you must update the application with the correct details and resubmit it. When it’s done, all you should do is wait for the institutions to make their offers.

Appeal the Dissatisfying College Financial Aid Decision With DoNotPay

Does the offered college student financial aid amount seem too small to cover all your education-related expenses? You can write an appeal letter and explain why you should get more money, but it requires too much effort and time.

Instead of complaining separately to each college, use DoNotPay and create a personalized appeal letter you can send to all institutions! Here’s how to do it with our app:

  1. and sign in to your account
  2. Look for the Appeal for More Financial Aid product
  3. List the colleges you are considering that offer more aid than the one you are writing to
  4. Answer a few questions about your family’s financial situation and potential related difficulties

That’s it! Our system will create a customized letter based on the information you provided. All that remains is to send it to the college in question, which DoNotPay can do on your behalf!

Another option to consider if you aren’t satisfied with the offered amount is applying for other financial aid programs provided by other colleges, including:

University of California San Diego Financial AidRutgers University Financial AidStanford University Financial Aid
New York University Financial AidUniversity of California, Los Angeles Financial AidUniversity of California, Davis Financial Aid
Cornell University Financial AidPrinceton University Financial AidUniversity of California, Santa Cruz Financial Aid
MIT Financial AidUniversity of California, Berkeley Financial AidColumbia University Financial Aid
Harvard University Financial AidPurdue University Financial AidYale University Financial Aid

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