The Easiest Way To Do an ExxonMobil Gift Card Balance Check

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How To Do an ExxonMobil Gift Card Balance Check Without Trouble

Have you gotten an ExxonMobil gift card and used it already, but you are not sure how much money you have left on it? Don’t worry—it is easy to do an ExxonMobil gift card balance check. You will find all the steps in this article and learn if and how you can get cash back with DoNotPay’s help!

Basic Info About the ExxonMobil Gift Cards

ExxonMobil gift cards could be a great present for people who commute or love road trips. Here is some useful info about these gift cards:

  • You can use them to buy fuel, snacks, and even car washes at ExxonTM- and MobilTM-branded stations
  • You may purchase the gift cards at the same locations or order them online
  • The denomination on the gift card can be $25, $50, or $100

How To Check Your ExxonMobil Gift Card Balance

Before deciding to make a purchase with your gift card or get cash back, you should check your balance. Finding out what the amount is won’t take much of your time. Take a look at the table below to see your options:

Visiting the company’s website
  1. Open the View Card Balance page
  2. Type in your 19-digit ExxonMobil gift card number in the provided field
  3. Enter a valid security code in the text box
  4. Solve the captcha to prove you are not a robot
  5. Click on Submit
Getting in touch with the customer service
  1. Call 1-800-786-8028
  2. Explain that you want to check your gift card balance
  3. Provide the rep with the info they ask for
Visiting an ExxonMobil gas station
  1. Find the nearest gas station where you can use the ExxonMobil gift card
  2. Tell the employee that you wish to check your remaining balance
  3. Give them the details they ask for

Once you find out how much money you have left on your gift card, you’ll need to figure out what to do with the rest. If the balance is too low, you may not be able to purchase anything. So what is the solution? You should consider getting cash back, and we can provide you with the simplest method.

Is It Possible to Get Cash Back From Your ExxonMobil Gift Card?

If you find out that you still have a small amount of money on your ExxonMobil gift card, you may ask to get it back. The company lets you get cash back because used cards with low balances usually don’t work at certain stations.

To ask to get the remainder of your balance on the gift card, you need to:

  1. Call 1-800-786-8028
  2. Tell the customer service rep that you wish to get cash back from your gift card
  3. Provide them with the information they ask for
  4. Follow any further instructions about getting your money

If you want to be done with the process fast and without trouble, you should ! Your new virtual assistant will handle the task in a matter of minutes.

Get Cash Back From Your ExxonMobil Gift Card With DoNotPay’s Help

If you want to get the remaining cash from your ExxonMobil gift card but it seems like the process is too complicated, you should turn to DoNotPay for help. Our app will deal with the entire process in your stead. You only need to follow these steps and answer a few questions:

  1. in your favorite web browser
  2. Open our Gift Card Cash Back product
  3. Enter the gift card number, company name, and other card info about the card

We will send your request to ExxonMobil. You can expect to receive the money back in the next 14 days.

DoNotPay can help you get cash back even from companies that claim gift cards are not redeemable for cash except as required by law. Our app will do the research and find the company’s office in a state that has a cash back policy. This should ensure you get your money back no matter the situation!

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