All You Need To Know About the UC Davis Financial Aid Disbursement Plan

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Find Out When Payday Is—The UC Davis Financial Aid Disbursement Plan

Did you apply for the University of California, Davis (also known as UCD or UC Davis) financial aid plan? This guide will help you find out when your aid payments are due and explain all you should know about the UC Davis Financial Aid Disbursement Plan!

How Does the UC Davis Financial Aid Disbursement Work?

This school disburses aid quarterly, ten days prior to the beginning of the following term. Take a look at this list to check the term start dates at UC Davis:

  • Fall Quarter—around September 28th
  • Winter Quarter—around January 4th
  • Spring Quarter—around March 25th

To ensure you receive your financial aid disbursement, make sure to:

  1. Check the Actions Required regularly on the MyAwards service
  2. Meet all financial aid terms and conditions, which require you to:
    • Have a completed financial aid application
    • Be enrolled in classes for the current academic term
    • Complete all financial aid requirements on MyAwards

The Federal Pell Grant and Cal Grant disbursement amounts depend on the total number of enrolled units counted each quarter of the academic year.

Check out the following table to see how the UC Davis financial aid disbursement plan works:

Number of QuartersEnrolled UnitsDisbursement
1Less than 625%
412 or more100%

After receiving your disbursement, you’re responsible for keeping track of the tuition and attendance cost payment deadlines.

Check out this table to find the payment due dates for each term at UC Davis:

TermPayment Due Date
Fall quarter/semesterSeptember 15th
Winter quarterDecember 15th
Spring quarterJanuary 15th
Spring semesterMarch 15th
Summer session IJune 15th
Summer session IIJuly 15th

How Long Does It Take for Financial Aid To Reach My Direct Deposit Account?

UC Davis financial aid funds should be available the same day the school disburses them.

If you don’t receive your financial aid or have any issues with your direct deposit account, contact UC Davis Student Accounting by:

Do UC Davis Students Receive Disbursements During the Summer?

Yes, students will receive most of their summer session financial aid from UC Davis on the following dates:

  • Summer I—around June 11th
  • Summer II—around July 23rd

The Summer Advantage Grants program requires UC Davis students to be enrolled in at least ten units, and disbursements occur in the following timeframes:

  • Summer I—between July 16th and 23rd
  • Summer II—between August 27th and September 3rd

Can I Refund UC Davis Financial Aid Disbursements?

Yes, and the amount you can refund is the Estimated Financial Aid on your Award Letter minus the aid due on your direct deposit account. UC Davis processes financial aid refunds 3–5 days of disbursement.

How Many Students Receive Financial Aid at UC Davis?

With a total of 35,186 students, UC Davis awarded the following amounts of financial aid in the 2020/2021 academic year:

  • 59% of first-year students received average financial aid plans valued at $25,055 per person
  • 32% of freshmen (2,016 students) got federal grants of $5,043 per student on average
  • 56% of freshmen (3,528 students) received scholarships averaging $9,231 per student
  • 65% of undergraduate students (19,956 students) were awarded grants averaging $17,958 per student

What Can I Do if UC Davis Offers Little Aid or Rejects My Application?

If UC Davis denies you aid or offers an insufficient amount, you can politely request an application reconsideration by writing an appeal letter, which should include:

  • Reasons why UC Davis is your first choice
  • Obstacles you faced since you filed your application that affected your financial situation
  • Financial aid offers you received from other schools

to generate a custom letter to send to UC Davis in a matter of moments!

Use DoNotPay To Send an Appeal to UC Davis if It Offers Little or No Financial Aid

Do you feel like UC Davis misjudged your financial need? With DoNotPay, requesting more financial aid is a three-step process:

  1. in any web browser
  2. Enter Appeal for More Financial Aid in the search bar
  3. Answer a few brief questions about your financial aid application and the response you received from UC Davis

Our product will generate a custom appeal letter, and you can choose whether you want to:

  • Send the letter to UC Davis immediately
  • Receive the letter via email so you can submit it yourself

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