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We’ll Show You the Way to the Notary in Kansas City

If you don’t know how to get a document notarized—be it a will, trust, affidavit, car title, copy of a high school diploma, or any other—you’re in the right place. Our article will tell you everything about notaries in Kansas City—what they can do, how much the notary fees are, and how to find a notary in Kansas City.

What Does a Notary Public in Kansas City, MO, Do?

The roles and responsibilities of a notary public in Kansas City are determined by the laws of Missouri. The law allows notaries to perform the following notary services:

  1. Taking acknowledgments
  2. Performing jurats
  3. Certifying copies of documents
  4. Administering oaths and affirmations
  5. Witnessing signatures
  6. Putting a signature and stamp on documents

How Much Can You Expect To Pay for Notary Services in Kansas City?

For Kansas City notary services, you can't pay more than the amounts set by the state of Missouri. The maximum fees you can expect to pay for notary services are listed in the table below:

Notarial ActNotary Fee
Acknowledgment$5 per signature
Signature witnessing$5 per signature
Jurat$5 per signature
Certified copy$1 per page but certified with a minimum total fee of $3
Oath or affirmation$5

How Much Can a Mobile Notary Charge?

Mobile notaries charge the regular notary fees plus their travel expenses. The travel expenses cannot exceed the federal mileage rate of 56 cents per mile, and the expedited convenience fee cannot go over $25.

How To Find a Notary Public in Kansas City, MO

You can find a notary in Kansas City in several ways, but not all of them are simple. You can look for a notary by:

  1. Checking with local businesses and institutions for an in-house notary
  2. Searching Google
  3. Using one of the specialized platforms

Businesses and Institutions Offering Notary Services

There are various businesses and institutions that have notaries on their staff since they need notarized documents daily. You can check in:

Locating a Kansas City Notary using Google

Check out some of the Google results for notaries public in Kansas City:

Notary PublicAddressContact Information
Notary by Cindy806 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108816-241-8989
KC Notary ProN/A816-783-7868
KC Notary Associates, LLC4727 Euclid Ave, Kansas City, MO 64130816-585-5368
The UPS Store6320 Brookside Plaza, Kansas City, MO 64113816-363-3456
Denisse’s Notary & Services MO1311 E 13th St Suite D, Kansas City, MO 64106816-845-7485
Metro Notary ServicesN/A913-417-3240

The notaries that show no address on Google usually offer only mobile services. It would be best to call them if you want to schedule an appointment.

Platforms for Finding a Notary in Kansas City

You can use some of the following platforms to find a notary in Kansas City:

Can a Notary in Kansas City Perform Online Notarizations?

Notarization has become exceedingly difficult due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For that reason, 28 states introduced remote online notarization (RON), and Missouri is one of them. This means that you can find an online notary in Kansas City who will perform notarial acts for you without a meeting in an office.

Notary in Kansas City can perform notarial acts online under the following conditions:

  • The notary has to inform the Missouri Secretary of State that they’re performing a remote online notarization
  • The notary must be in the State of Missouri while performing notarial acts, and you don’t
  • Your notary must record the notarization and keep the recording for a specific amount of time
  • The notary must use their electronic signature and stamp

Use DoNotPay and Find an Online Notary in Kansas City

DoNotPay makes online notarization simple and convenient for our subscribers. With our platform, you won’t have to search for an online notary by yourself—we will find one for you. All you need to do is and follow the three steps below:

  1. Find the Notarize Any Document product
  2. Upload the document you want notarized
  3. Enter your email address

We will send you a link, which you will use to schedule an appointment with your online notary. During the live video call, the notary will check your identity and witness your signing of the document. The whole process will take less time than visiting a notary in person!

If You Need Additional Information About the Notarization Process, We Have It!

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