What Are the Notary Fees in PA?

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A Breakdown of Notary Fees in PA

When you need to get a document notarized—a will, affidavit, or a power of attorney—you’re probably considering two main points—the price and convenience. We’ll break down notary fees in PA, show you all your options for notarizing documents, and suggest the best one.

Who Sets the Notary Fee in PA?

The Pennsylvania Department of State sets the fees for all notary services. Notaries can choose not to charge for their services, but they cannot charge or receive more than what the state imposes. A notary must display their fees in a visible place in their office and/or inform their client of the fees prior to notarization.

PA Notary Fees

Check the table below for an overview of notary fees in Pennsylvania:

Notarial ActFee
Taking acknowledgments$5
Taking acknowledgments for each additional name$2
Administering oaths or affirmations$5
Taking verification on oath or affirmation$5
Witnessing a signature (charged per signature)$5
Noting a protest of a negotiable instrument (charged per page)$3
Certifying a copy or deposition (charged per certified copy)$5

Can a PA Notary Charge Additional Fees?

PA notaries are allowed to charge extra for additional services they provide, such as:

  • Copying documents
  • Mailing documents
  • Traveling
  • Making phone calls

These are considered clerical fees, and they are not set by the Pennsylvania Department of State. Even though these fees aren’t limited, they must be reasonable considering the area where the notary and the client live. The notary must inform the client of these fees, and they need to agree to them.

Where To Look for a Notary in PA

Aside from the outdated phonebook, you can turn to various websites and search for a notary. You can also check certain businesses and public places that often employ notaries.

Here are your options for finding a notary by yourself:


Is Remote Online Notarization Allowed in PA?

Yes, it is. Pennsylvania passed remote online notarization into law in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike other notaries—regular, mobile, or electroniconline notaries don’t have to be in the same room as their clients.

Here are the requirements a PA online notary must meet:

  1. Be in Pennsylvania
  2. Use an approved audio-visual communication platform
  3. Be able to see and hear a client during notarization—all parties must have a webcam, microphone, and a stable internet connection
  4. Inform the Department of State that they will notarize a document online
  5. Verify the client’s identity by:
    • Personal connection
    • Credible witness’s testimony
    • Usage of identity-proofing technologies
  6. Ensure the signer is of sound mind
  7. Check the signer’s document for blank spaces and signs of fraud
  8. Record the notarization (audio and video) and keep the recording for at least ten years
  9. State in the notarial certificate that remote online notarization was performed
  10. Add an electronic signature and seal

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Learn More About Notarization With Our Help

If you’re wondering about other notary-related details except fees, we can help! Our learning center provides answers to numerous questions, including:

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