How To Book an Online Notary in College Station

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Book a Meeting With an Online Notary in College Station the Easy Way

If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to handle document notarization without visiting a notary in College Station, you’ll be happy to know that the answer is positive. In-person notarization is the traditional method of getting documents notarized, but it isn’t the only one. Texas residents can get their documents notarized in many other ways.

DoNotPay is here to provide valuable info about alternative notarization options and help you connect with an online notary in minutes. Learn how to get your affidavits, , business contracts, and many other documents notarized with zero effort.

Understanding the Duties of College Station Notaries

The State of Texas authorizes notaries in all counties and cities to:

Before signing the document and providing a notarial certificate, the notary you hire is obligated to:

  1. Examine your ID to verify your identity
  2. Determine you’re of sane mind
  3. Establish that you understand what the document states
  4. Check if the document is complete
  5. Witness your signature

Should you forget your ID, bring an incomplete document, appear before the notary while intoxicated, or try to commit fraud, the notary will refuse to notarize your document.

How Much Can a Notary Public in College Station Charge?

Texas is one of many states that determines the highest fees that a notary public can charge for every notary service:

Notarial Act

Maximum Fee

Taking proofs of execution or acknowledgments$6 + $1 for each additional signature
Administering oaths and affirmations$6
Notarizing copies of documents$0.5 per page
Certifying depositions$6 (oath, seal, and certificate) + $0.5 per 100 words
Noting protests for nonpayments or nonacceptance

$4 for register and seal

$1 for each notice of protest

$4 for certificate and seal

$4 for protesting in other cases

When it comes to administrative costs for travel, copying, and phone calls, notaries have the right to dictate their own prices as long as:

  • The total cost is reasonable
  • The notary informs the client about the expenses in advance

How To Get Your Documents Notarized in College Station, Texas

You can manage document notarization in Texas by:

  1. Visiting a notary in his or her office—This is a traditional way of notarizing documents. You can find notaries in your area through,, or any other notary search platform. When it comes to the standard notarization process, in-person presence is obligatory whether you’re notarizing paper or electronic documents
  2. Heading over to a company or a public institution that employs notaries—Most public places that deal with contracts that require notarization offer notary services to make the process a bit easier. College Station citizens can find notaries in the following institutions:
  3. Booking a meeting with a mobile notary—Hiring a traveling notary can be a practical solution if you want a notary to come to your office or house. While time-efficient, this option is expensive as it involves the notary’s traveling costs that you need to cover
  4. —Texas allows notaries to perform online notarizations not only in College Station but also in any other city, including Tyler, Dallas, and El Paso. Instead of in-person notarization, the online notary you connect with will perform a notarial act via a video call. DoNotPay’s online notary product allows you to have your documents notarized from your car, home, office, or any other place

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