How To Book a Mobile Notary in Phoenix

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Stay at Home and Use an Online or Mobile Notary in Phoenix

You can get your documents notarized in different ways. By choosing the one that best suits your needs, you can save yourself the hassle.

Is there an option for you to stay at home and get your documents notarized? We will explain what a mobile notary in Phoenix does. to get access to a more convenient notary service—remote online notarization!

Start Looking for a Notary in Phoenix

You can opt to go through the notarization process by yourself from scratch. It means you will take the following steps:

  1. Learn about various types of notaries
  2. Search for a notary in Phoenix
  3. Contact a notary public you find suitable
  4. Ask about the notary fees
  5. Set up an appointment
  6. Collect the required documents
  7. Prepare an ID document
  8. Meet with a notary:
    • In his or her office
    • At a convenient location
    • Remotely, i.e., online

It can take you lots of time to go through these steps. You can skip all these obstacles by partnering up with DoNotPay that will connect you with a notary in a matter of minutes!

Notary Public Phoenix—Choose the Type

When you start looking for a notary public, you first need to get familiar with various available types. You can select among the following:

  1. Mobile notary
  2. Regular in-office notary
  3. Notary signing agent
  4. Electronic notary
  5. Remote online notary

Is a Mobile Notary in Phoenix the Right Choice for You?

A mobile notary in Phoenix or any other place is a practical option to get wills, affidavits, real estate deeds, car titles, and other documents notarized without having to drive to a notary’s office.

You can schedule an appointment with a mobile notary public and meet at a suitable location, such as:

  • Your workplace
  • The airport
  • A cafe
  • Jail
  • Hospital
  • Your home
  • A restaurant

While this is a handy solution to your notary issues, it can be a bit pricey as mobile notaries charge extra travel fees on top of the regular ones. Apart from gas, parking, and other travel costs, they can charge you in the following cases:

Mobile Notaries Charges Extra if You:


Are late for the appointmentYou should contact the mobile notary in case you get stuck in traffic. Some might tolerate 10–15 minutes, but most will compensate for any extra time they spend waiting for you
Cancel the appointmentYou should check if the mobile notary in Phoenix you have chosen charges cancellation fees
Do not provide necessary witnessesIn case a notarial act requires witnesses to be present and you cannot bring any, you can ask a mobile notary to deal with this issue for an extra charge

Make sure you are familiar with the total amount you will need to settle at the end of the notarial act.

What About an In-Office Notary in Phoenix?

Traditional, regular, in-person, or in-office notaries are the ones that work in an independent office or for a bigger company, such as AAA, UPS, bank, credit union, public library, law office, or courthouse.

Traditional notaries provide the same notary services as other types of notaries, except that they require you to come to their office for a notarial act.

If you opt for this kind of notary public, make sure you:

  • Set up an appointment
  • Gather all necessary documents
  • Take a valid government-issued ID document with you
  • Bring enough money to settle the required fees

Should you fail to do any of the above-listed, you will have to reschedule your appointment and visit the notary’s office again.

When To Choose a Notary Signing Agent

Notary signing agents perform notarization of loan documents. They also provide additional services, including printing and delivery of documents. You can find a notary signing agent in financial institutions or banks.

What Does an Electronic Notary Public in Phoenix Do?

Electronic notarization is the same as the traditional one. It means you need to visit a notary’s office to get your documents notarized. The documents, notary’s signature, and stamp will be in electronic format.

While some people believe that an electronic notary is the same as an online or remote one, that isn’t the case.

What To Expect From an Online Notary in Phoenix

A lot of U.S. states have introduced remote online notarization, which was greatly boosted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only is this type of notary service safe, but it is also the most practical option to get your documents notarized.

Online notaries perform all notarial acts via a live audio-video call. Here is what a notary will do:

  1. Verify your identity—you should answer a few basic questions and present an ID document, e.g., your driver’s license, ID, or passport
  2. Check the document to determine there are no blank pages
  3. Make sure you are familiar with the contents of the document
  4. Establish you are signing the document of your own will
  5. Determine you are of sound mind
  6. Witness the signing of the document
  7. Place the notary signature and stamp

These are the same steps any other notary public will take during the notarization process. The only difference from other notary services is that this one is done remotely—you can stay safe at home and avoid a face-to-face encounter with a notary

You do not have to search for an online notary— to connect with one quickly!

Find a Resolution With DoNotPay’s Remote Online Notary Solution

We provide efficient and user-friendly features you can use to solve lots of different issues. One of them is our remote notarization you can access from Arizona or any other state, town, county, or village.


  1. Select the Notarize Any Document feature
  2. Upload the document you want to have notarized
  3. Provide your email address
  4. Follow the link we send you via email

That’s it! These four simple steps will connect you with an online notary in a matter of seconds!

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