All You Need To Know About UCSD Summer Session Financial Aid

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UCSD Summer Session Financial Aid—What You Need To Know Before You Apply

Do you want to apply for UCSD Summer Sessions, but you’re not sure about how the University’s financial aid program works during that quartal?

In this guide, you will find out how UCSD Summer Session financial aid works, who qualifies for it, and what the application process requires you to do!

How To Apply for Summer Session Financial Aid at UCSD

Check the following table to see the steps you need to take to apply for Summer Session financial aid at UCSD depending on your student status:

Student StatusApplication Process
Continuing studentsYou must have been enrolled during the winter or spring quarter of the ongoing academic year to be eligible for summer aid.

UCSD requires you to:

  1. Enroll in a minimum of six units for Summer Session as soon as possible to secure summer aid and to qualify for priority funds
  2. Enroll in 12 units to receive a Federal Pell Grant
  3. Not complete your degree before Summer Session starts
Pre-matriculated first-year studentsYou need to file your Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application (CADAA) as soon as possible or by the final deadline—June 30

After you take all the required steps, you should check TritonLink—the UCSD Financial Aid Tool—regularly during late April/early May for your award letter.

When Does UCSD Disburse Summer Session Financial Aid?

Check the table to find out when UCSD disburses Summer Session financial aid:

Summer SessionsDisbursement Date
IJune 19
IIJuly 24
Special SessionDepends on when the session is scheduled, but usually falls two days before instructions start

What Types of Financial Aid Are Available at UCSD During Summer Sessions?

You can apply for the following types of financial aid to meet your UCSD Summer Session expenses:

  • Federal Pell Grant—Note that the Federal Pell Grant is prorated depending on the number of enrolled units. Students who enrolled in 6–8 units for Summer Session will receive half of the accepted grant, and students who took on 9–11 units will get a disbursement equal to 75% of the award
  • UC San Diego Summer Grant
  • External scholarships
  • Loans
    • Federal Direct Subsidized Loans
    • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans
    • Federal Direct PLUS Loans
    • Dream Loan

UCSD students who got loans during the ongoing academic year can cover Summer Session costs by taking any leftover amount up to the annual limit. If you are not a financial aid recipient, you can contact the UCSD Financial Aid Office to apply for parent loans and direct unsubsidized loans to afford Summer Session costs.

How To Calculate the Amount of Aid You Need for UCSD Summer Sessions

UCSD states the following about Summer Session tuition and fees:

  • Undergraduate students must pay $279 per enrolled unit
  • Graduate students have to spend $349 per enrolled unit
  • All Summer Session attendees are subject to the following mandatory fees:
    • ICA Student Activity Fee (for undergraduates)—$129.52 per session
    • Recreation Facility Fee—$58.50 per session
    • University Center Fee—$50.73 per session

After you calculate your Summer Session tuition and fees, don’t forget to include other expenses such as books, housing, transportation, etc.

What Can I Do if I Can’t Afford Summer Session Despite Receiving UCSD Financial Aid?

Since summer sessions are an excellent opportunity to make significant academic progress, it can be discouraging for students to find out that they will miss it because UCSD offered them insufficient aid.

Continuing UCSD students can request more aid and appeal the school’s decision by filing a:

  • Family Contribution Appeal
  • Dependency Appeal
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal

If you’re a pre-matriculated student, resort to sending a financial aid appeal letter and explain the circumstances that interfere with your ability to afford UCSD Summer Session tuition. If you need assistance with your appeal, and let our app create a rock-solid request letter for you!

Use DoNotPay To Request More Summer Session Financial Aid From UCSD!

You can convince UCSD to reconsider your financial aid application in three steps:

  1. in your web browser
  2. Type Appeal for More Financial Aid in the search bar
  3. Explain the financial circumstances that affect your ability to afford UCSD Summer Session tuition

After you complete all required steps, decide whether you want DoNotPay to send the letter to UCSD on your behalf or you want to do it yourself.

Use our comprehensive guides to resolve any financial-aid-related doubts you have about:

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