An In-Depth Guide to Santa Fe College Financial Aid

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The Basics of Santa Fe College Financial Aid

Students seeking a certificate, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree opt for Santa Fe College (SF) because it offers various programs that accommodate their needs. The tuition and attendance costs, which can reach over $26,000, may not seem much compared to other schools, but they can still deter prospective students.

This guide explains how the Santa Fe College financial aid program works, how to apply for it, and how to with DoNotPay if the school's offer is not enough!

What Types of Aid Does Santa Fe College Offer?

Prospective and continuing Santa Fe College students can qualify for the following types of aid:

  1. Grants
  2. Scholarships
  3. Loans
  4. Partnerships and student employment programs
  5. Tuition waivers and exemptions

Santa Fe College Financial Aid—Grants

Take a look at all available grants at Santa Fe College:

FederalFederal Pell Grant$6,345 per year
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)$4,000 per year
Florida grantsFlorida Student Assistance Grant (FSAG)Up to 110% of required credit hours to complete a program
First Generation Matching Grant (FGMG)$1,000

Scholarships at Santa Fe College

Scholarships you can apply for at Santa Fe College include:

InstitutionalFoundation scholarshipsDetermined for each case
Need-based Santa Fe College scholarships:
  • In-district need-based scholarship
  • Out-of-district Santa Fe scholarship
Determined for each case
Other SF College Scholarships
  • SF Fine Arts scholarships
  • CTE scholarships
  • Bachelor's Degree Scholarship
  • Honors Program scholarships
Determined for each case
StateFlorida Bright Futures Scholarship
  • 100% of tuition and applicable fees
  • $600 for additional expenses
Florida Farmworker Student Scholarship
  • 100% of tuition and mandatory fees
José Martí Scholarship Challenge Grant
  • $2,000 per year
Minority Teacher Education Scholars Program
  • $4,000 per year for two years
Scholarships for Children and Spouses of Deceased or Disabled Veterans
  • Tuition waiver and additional funding
Honorably Discharged Graduate Assistance Program
  • $50 per day for a maximum of 20 days per academic year to help with living expenses during breaks

Santa Fe College will acknowledge any external scholarships you obtain, so here are some resources that can help you in your search:

Santa Fe College Financial Aid—Loans

Santa Fe College participates in the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan (Direct Loan) Program, which includes:

  • Subsidized loans
  • Unsubsidized loans
  • Parent Plus loans

The school also processes private loans, so if you get any, report them to the Santa Fe College Financial Aid Office.

Santa Fe College Partnerships and Student Employment Programs

Check out all options Santa Fe College offers for students to earn credits and minimize their expenses:

  • Apprenticeship Program—You can earn up to $25,000 during your scholarship while learning everything you need to know for your future job
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Program—This program focuses on students experiencing physical or mental disabilities and helps them land and secure a job
  • High School Dual Enrollment and Career Pathways—Students can take college classes during high school, earn credits, and avoid paying for them later on

Tuition Waivers and Exemptions at Santa Fe College

Tuition waivers and exemptions at Santa Fe College include:

  • Florida State Employee Tuition Waiver
  • Senior Citizen Waiver
  • Purple Hearts Recipient Waiver
  • Veteran’s Out-of-State Waiver—The Congressman C. W. Bill Young Veterans Waiver
  • Florida High School Graduate Out-of-State Waiver (including DACA)
  • Classroom Teacher Waiver
  • Eligible College Employees and Dependents Waiver
  • Linkage Institutes Out of State Tuition Waiver
  • Dependents of Deceased Teacher or School Administrator Waiver
  • Dependants of Deceased First Responders and Military Members Waiver
  • Department of Children and Families (DCF) Exemption
  • Homeless Exemption

How To Apply for Santa Fe College Financial Aid

To apply for Santa Fe College financial aid, students should complete and submit:

  1. Their FAFSA and include the school’s code, which is 001519
  2. The Santa Fe College Scholarships application

The application deadlines at Santa Fe College are:

  • Priority deadline—March 15
  • Final deadline—June 30

If you need assistance with your application, contact the Santa Fe College Financial Aid Office by:

What Can I Do if I Get Insufficient Aid From Santa Fe College?

If Santa Fe College offers little or no aid, here’s what you can do:

  • Continuing students can file a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal using the eSantaFe portal
  • First-year students can appeal the school’s decision with a convincing letter

With DoNotPay, writing and sending an appeal letter is a quick and straightforward process!

Request More Financial Aid From Santa Fe College With DoNotPay

You can request more aid from Santa Fe College and ease your financial hurdles in three simple steps:

  1. Search for Appeal for More Financial Aid
  2. Answer a few questions about your financial aid applications and the reasons why you need more aid from Santa Fe College

After you complete all steps, you can send the letter directly to the College through DoNotPay or receive it via email so you can hand it over yourself.

Our learning center offers even more handy financial aid guides that can answer all of your questions, including:

Alternatives to Santa Fe College

If you filed an appeal to Santa Fe College, but the school still doesn’t offer enough financial relief, check out other schools to find a more generous program that meets your needs:

Columbia University Financial AidHarvard University Financial AidYale University Financial Aid
New York University Financial AidUniversity of California, Los Angeles Financial AidUniversity of California, Davis Financial Aid
Purdue University Financial AidPrinceton University Financial AidUniversity of California, Berkeley Financial Aid
MIT Financial AidUniversity of California, Santa Cruz Financial AidUniversity of California San Diego Financial Aid
Rutgers University Financial AidCornell University Financial AidStanford University Financial Aid

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