How To Find a Notary Public in Lancaster, CA, Quickly

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Is a Notary Public in Lancaster, CA, the Right Choice for You?

Is your only option to get your documents notarized heading to an office of a notary public in Lancaster, CA?

to get answers to this and many more questions. We collect relevant information and provide the most practical notary service you can use from any U.S. village, city, county, or state.

What Services Does a Notary Public in Lancaster, CA, Provide?

A notary public in Lancaster, California, performs the notarization of agreements, affidavits, trusts, , real estate deeds, wills, or any other document at:

  • Your home or office
  • His or her office
  • Nursing home
  • Hospital
  • Cafe
  • Jail
  • Another convenient venue

While different states might have different notary rules, regulations, and fees, a notary’s main duty is to verify the authenticity of signatures on documents. To do that, notaries public need to:

  1. Verify the identity of signing parties—They will ask for a valid photo ID document, for example, your:
    • Passport
    • ID
    • Military ID
    • Driver’s license
  2. Determine all signing parties are signing the document willingly and of sound mind—A notary can refuse to notarize your documents if he or she believes you:
    • Have been forced to sign the document
    • Are under the influence of some substances
  3. Witness the signing process—You should not sign the document before meeting with a notary
  4. Finalize the notary service by:
    • Issuing an acknowledgment
    • Putting the notary signature and stamp on the document

Where To Search for a Notary in Lancaster, CA

When on the lookout for a notary in Lancaster, you might find some of the following platforms handy:

  1. American Society of Notaries
  3. Yelp
  5. California Secretary of State
  6. American Association of Notaries

Visit Public Places Close By

Another way to find a notary public on your own is by checking whether any are employed at:

  • Shipping companies, e.g., UPS
  • Police departments
  • Courthouses
  • Libraries
  • Law offices
  • Credit unions
  • Stores, e.g., AAA
  • Real estate agents
  • Banks or financial institutions, e.g., Bank of America or Wells Fargo

As these institutions tend to employ notaries, they might provide notary services for their clients free of charge.

How Much Can a Notary Public in Lancaster, CA, Charge?

A notary public in Lancaster, CA, can charge up to $15 for regular notary services, such as:

  • Jurats
  • Acknowledgments
  • Verbal oaths and affirmations

You should inquire about the exact amount you will need to cover at the end of the notary service since the fees may vary depending on:

  • The document(s) you want to get notarized
  • Whether you would like to hire a mobile notary to notarize your documents at your home, workplace, or some other place
  • The time you would like to get your documents notarized as prices tend to be higher for night or holiday appointments

Different Possibilities To Get a Lancaster Notary Service

To have your contracts or other paperwork notarized in Lancaster or anywhere else in California, you can select one of the following notary services:

Notary ServiceSteps You Should Follow
Traditional notary
  1. Find a notary’s office in Lancaster
  2. Contact a notary public
  3. Get familiar with the notary fees
  4. Schedule an appointment
  5. Collect the required documents
  6. Bring a photo ID document with you
  7. Head to the notary’s office at the agreed time
Mobile notary
  1. Find a mobile notary in Lancaster
  2. Get in touch with a mobile notary public
  3. Inquire about the mobile notary costs
  4. Make an appointment and provide the location
  5. Prepare the necessary documents
  6. Keep an ID document at hand
  7. Wait for a notary at the agreed time and place

Keep in mind that mobile notaries charge extra for their time and travel. It means that although it is practical to get your documents notarized at your home, office, or any other convenient place, you will need to pay more for this kind of service.

What About an Online Notary Public in Lancaster, CA?

While you cannot find an online notary in Lancaster as remote online notarization is not allowed in California, you can use an out-of-state one!

If you prefer to get your documents notarized safely and remotely—especially during the COVID-19 pandemic—you can opt for notary services from another U.S. state that permits remote online notarization, including the following:

Where can you look for an out-of-state online notary? You do not have to waste any time— to connect with a notary in a flash!

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