How To Find a Notary in Johnstown, PA

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Book Your Meeting With a Notary in Johnstown, PA, Within Minutes

Many people see notarization as a difficult and tiresome procedure. While this isn’t far from the truth, the good news is that there’s a way to simplify the process. This article will teach you how to locate a notary in Johnstown, PA, and set an appointment in minutes.

What Does Notarization Look Like in Pennsylvania?

The first step of notarization is to choose the type of notary services you need. In Johnstown, you can pick one of the following options:

  1. Standard notaries work in offices or within large companies or institutions. You must meet them at their place of business
  2. Online notaries work remotely, which means they can perform notarial acts via video call by putting an electronic seal and signature on the document in question
  3. Electronic notaries require your presence, but you must provide a digital copy of the document instead of a physical one. They will place an electronic stamp and signature on the document
  4. Mobile notaries perform notarial acts at the signers’ locations, but their services are usually more expensive due to travel expenses

During notarization, the notary must:

  • Check your identification documents—it’s the best way for them to confirm your identity
  • Confirm that you are of sound mind and nobody forces you into signing the document in question—they have the right to refuse to notarize your document if they realize you don’t meet all the requirements
  • Witness the signing of the particular document—physical presence is necessary during the regular notarization. When you choose a remote notary service, the officer must be able to see you signing the document on the video call
  • Provide their signature and stamp—if you opt for an online notary, they will use digital ones instead
  • Write an entry for a notary journal—it’s a mandatory step of the notarization procedure in Pennsylvania. The officer should note the most important details about your case, such as the performed notarial act, applicable fees, etc.

What Are the Costs of Having Your Documents Notarized in Johnstown?

Notary publics in Johnstown are free to set the prices by themselves, but the amounts shouldn’t exceed the maximum notary costs proposed by state laws. Section 167 of the Pennsylvania Notary Public Law stipulates the following price limitations:

  • Affidavits—$5 (regardless of the number of signatures)
  • Acknowledgments
    • $5 for the first signer
    • $2 for each additional name
  • Certificates—$5 per copy
  • Oaths—$5 per individual
  • Depositions—$3 per page
  • Verifications of signatures—$5
  • Protests—$3 per page

How To Find Notary Publics in Johnstown by Yourself

Check out the most popular ways to locate a notary public in Johnstown:



Online platforms and notary locatorsFlip through online notary databases you can find on:
Institutions, offices, and facilitiesCheck whether there are any notaries employed in nearby:
  • Banks—Wells Fargo, Citibank, Bank of America, etc.
  • Financial companies
  • Credit unions
  • Universities, colleges, and libraries
  • Law and accountant offices
  • Courthouses and clerk offices
  • AAA and Amscot stores
  • UPS facilities
  • Car dealerships
  • Money transfer offices
Google searchLook for a notary by entering keywords such as notary publics near me, notaries in Johnstown, etc. in the Google search field

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