Do Advance Directives Need To Be Notarized? Explained

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Do Advance Directives Need To Be Notarized? Find Out!

As advance directives are documents that should ensure your wishes and decisions are carried out when you’re indisposed, it’s crucial to know the answer to the question “do advance directives need to be notarized?” This article will walk you through the requirements for advance directives.

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Do I Have To Notarize an Advance Directive?

It depends. In some states, you are required to have a notarized advance directive for it to be valid. Usually, advance directive forms can be obtained from a hospital, your healthcare provider, or the state health department.

The place you get the forms could inform you whether the advance directive needs to be notarized, and you should also be able to check it on the form itself. To be safe, you can consult an attorney.

Requirements for Advance Directives

Once you draft or fill in your advance directive, you need to follow your state’s regulations to make it legitimate, which will ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

The rule that is unified in all states is that you have to sign your advance directive or have a person sign it for you if you are unable to. Another requirement is to have a witness or two, depending on your state.

Sometimes, you can notarize the document instead of having witnesses, while in certain states, both the witness(es) and the notary needs to sign the document.

Regardless of whether you need to have a witness, a notary, or both, you shouldn’t sign your advance directive before you check the rules and have the designated person(s) witness your signing of the document. This way, they can attest that you are of age and of sound mind when you sign it.

How Much Do Notaries Charge?

If you need a notary’s signature besides the witnesses, it will set you back between $5 and $25, depending on the state notary cost regulations and the notary you hire. Typically, mobile and electronic notaries charge additional fees, so you may pay even more. Mobile notaries come to you, which means they can charge for their travel expenses. Both the mobile and the electronic notary can ask you for extra administrative fees.

Can I Get an Advance Directive Notarized Online?

The most convenient notary service is by far remote online notarization. Knowing you can get everything done quickly online is a huge relief, especially if you cannot leave your home or the hospital.

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Notarization Got You Confused? We Provide Answers!

As state regulations regarding notarization differ, we make it a point to get you familiar with how notarizing documents works in all U.S. states, including Oregon, Virginia, New York, California, and Massachusetts.

DoNotPay’s knowledge base also covers specific notary questions, such as:

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