Does a Power of Attorney Need To Be Notarized in Missouri?

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Does a Power of Attorney Need To Be Notarized in Missouri? DoNotPay Knows!

Depending on the type of document you are dealing with, you need to find out if it needs to be notarized. The rules vary among the states. In some cases, it is enough for both parties to sign the document to make it official.

Does a power of attorney need to be notarized in Missouri? DoNotPay will provide you with an answer and offer useful information on how to notarize a document with ease!

Crucial Info About the Power of Attorney

A power of attorney (POA) allows an agent to act on behalf of another individual called the principal. This is necessary when a person can’t handle certain issues themselves, and the agent needs to step in. There are four types of power of attorney documents:

GeneralProvides an agent with broad powers that include settling claims, handling business transactions, buying life insurance, etc.

A general power of attorney is usually included in an estate plan

DurableRefers to a general, special, or health care POA with a durability provision to keep the current power of attorney in effect
Health CareAllows the agent to make medical decisions on your behalf if you are unconscious or mentally incompetent. This POA is usually connected to a living will, and the agent is often the same person you trust in both situations
SpecialSpecifies precisely what powers an agent may exercise. Individuals usually opt for this POV when dealing with property sales, real estate management, debt collection, and business transactions

Does a Power of Attorney Need To Be Notarized in Missouri?

You need to sign and get the original power of attorney notarized in Missouri. You should also have the notary certify several copies because banks won’t let your agent act on your behalf otherwise.

If you want to revoke a power of attorney in The Show-Me State, you may do so at any time. To achieve this, you only need to let the responsible financial institutions know that your agent’s POA has been revoked.

Power of Attorney in Other States

In case you’d like to learn more about POA rules in states other than Missouri, you can take a look at the table below for more details:


Two witnesses and a notary

Two witnesses or a notary

  • Ohio
  • Iowa
  • Idaho
  • Alaska
  • Illinois
  • Hawaii
  • Kansas
  • Arizona
  • Tennessee
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Nebraska
  • New Hampshire

Two witnesses and no notary

  • Maine
  • Georgia
  • Oregon
  • Indiana
  • Alabama
  • Delaware
  • Virginia
  • Montana
  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • New York
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania

In case you need a POA in another state, you should first check the rules about the notary services in case they’ve changed.

What Does a Missouri Notary Do?

If you decide to take a document to a notary in Missouri, they will perform the following notary acts:

  1. Take acknowledgments
  2. Perform a jurat
  3. Administer oaths and affirmations
  4. Certify document copies
  5. Witness signatures

Missouri allows remote online notarization as of recently. The notary needs to let the Missouri Secretary of State know that they will perform online notarization. This way of notarization is a better option compared to the traditional one because it is practical and less time-consuming. If you wish to find an online notary fast, you should use DoNotPay!

Use DoNotPay To Notarize a Power of Attorney in Missouri

You can get your power of attorney notarized in Missouri easily by using DoNotPay. The procedure is as simple as it gets and will take a few minutes. To handle this task, you only need to perform these steps:

  1. in your web browser
  2. Scroll to the Notarize Any Document product
  3. Upload the document you need notarized
  4. Type your email address in the provided field
  5. Wait to get an email from us to confirm your notary appointment

The notary will verify your signature while you are at your virtual meeting.

What Other Documents Need To Be Notarized?

You should carefully approach handling documents because they are normally connected to important matters. If you want to properly protect your interests, you should always find out if notarization is required to make them official. Take a look at the list below to see which documents need a notary’s signature:

  • Wills
  • Business/employment contracts
  • Real estate deeds
  • Consent forms
  • Trusts
  • Power of attorney forms
  • Affidavits
  • Loan documents

DoNotPay is a great tool you can use to create some of these documents. This way, you’ll be able to handle two tasks in one place fast and easily.

DoNotPay Generates Documents With Ease

and access the product to create a document of your choice. Here are your options:

  • Bill of Sale
  • General Affidavit
  • Promissory Note
  • Intent To Purchase Real Estate
  • Estoppel Certificate
  • Residential Lease Agreement
  • LLC Operating Agreement
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Non-Compete Agreement
  • General Business Contract
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Prenuptial Agreement
  • Parenting Plan (Child Custody Agreement)
  • Quitclaim Deed

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