Michigan Tech Financial Aid Explained

Financial Aid Appeal Letters Michigan Tech Financial Aid Explained

A Painless Way To Apply for Michigan Tech Financial Aid

Having top-level engineering and computer science programs, the Michigan Technological University (MTU) is ranked among the top 15% of schools nationwide, but finding $50,000 for tuition can be a huge obstacle for numerous students.

If you’re looking to release the pressure of your budget by resorting to the Michigan Tech financial aid program, use this guide to learn the easiest way to apply for it, the amount of support you can expect, and how to appeal the school’s decision!

What Types of Financial Aid Does Michigan Tech Offer?

Students applying to Michigan Tech can qualify for the following types of aid:

  1. Grants
  2. Scholarships
  3. Student employment programs
  4. Loans

Michigan Tech Financial Aid—Grants

Michigan Tech students can be eligible for the following grants:

Category Grant Amount
Federal Federal Pell Grant Up to $6,495 per year
Federal Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant Programs Up to $5,983 per year
Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant Up to $4,000 per year
Institutional University Student Award Depends on financial need and academic achievement
State The Tuition Incentive Program (TIP)
  • Phase I cannot exceed $250 per term
  • Phase II cannot exceed $2,000 per term

Scholarships at Michigan Tech

Check out all scholarships that are available at Michigan Tech:

Category Scholarship
Federal scholarship
  • Federal Children of Fallen Heroes Scholarship
Michigan residents
  • Leading Scholar
  • Presidential Scholars
  • Michigan Alumni Legacy (MALA)
  • Summer Youth Scholars
  • Michigan Tech Transfer Scholarship (MTTS)
  • Michigan Tech National Merit (NMS)
  • Wade McCree
  • College of Business Impact Scholarship
  • Athletic Grants
  • Career Interest
  • Sponsored Scholarships
Non-Michigan residents
  • Leading Scholar
  • National Scholars
  • National Transfer Scholarship
  • Summer Youth Scholars
  • Military Family Education Award (MFEA)
  • Alumni Legacy (ALA)
  • Michigan Tech National Merit (NMS)
  • College of Business Impact Scholarship
  • Athletic Grants
  • Career Interest
  • Sponsored Scholarships
Transfer students
  • National Transfer Scholarship (Non-Michigan)
  • Alumni Legacy (ALA) (Non-Michigan)
  • Michigan Tech Transfer Scholarship (MTTS) (Michigan)
  • Michigan Alumni Legacy (MALA) (Michigan)
  • Sponsored Scholarships (Any)
  • Athletic Grants (Any)
  • Career Interests
Canadian students
  • National Scholars
  • National Transfer Scholarship
  • Alumni Legacy (ALA)
  • Sponsored Scholarships
  • Athletic Grants
  • McAllister Foundation
International students
  • International Ambassador Scholarships
  • Alumni Legacy (ALA)
  • Athletic Grants
  • Sponsored Scholarships
  • Aspirations in Computing Scholarship
  • Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship
  • FIRST Scholarship
  • Husky Innovation Leaders Award
  • Michigan Competitive Scholarship
  • National Business Scholars
  • PHF Making a Difference Scholarship
  • ROTC (Army and Air Force)
  • Fostering Futures Scholarship (FFS)
  • Foster Youth in Transition
  • Michigan Education and Training Voucher

Michigan Tech Student Employment Programs

Michigan Tech students looking for employment opportunities can opt for one of the following programs:

  • Federal Work-Study Program
  • University-Funded Student Employment
  • Off-Campus Employment
  • Summer Internships or Co-op's

Prospective employees can look for open positions at the University Career Center.

Loans at Michigan Tech

If you’re still experiencing difficulties with paying for your student contributions despite receiving all other types of aid, Michigan Tech offers the following loaning options:

  • Federal Direct Loan
    • Subsidized
    • Unsubsidized
  • Federal Direct PLUS (Parent) Loan
  • Federal Direct PLUS (Graduate) Loans
  • TECHAID Student Loan

Michigan Tech students can also rely on external loans, but they need to submit a Self-Certification Form to the lender so that the school can include it in the financial aid package.

How To Apply for Michigan Tech Financial Aid

To apply for Michigan Tech financial aid, you need to complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and include the federal school code—002292.

You can submit additional required documentation by:

  • Faxing it to 906-487-3042
  • Uploading the paperwork to MyMichiganTech student portal
  • Mailing everything to Michigan Technological University, Student Financial Services Center, Administration Building, Room 103, 1400 Townsend Drive, Houghton, MI 49931

If you wonder when to apply for financial aid, you can submit your FAFSA starting October 1, up until March 1. However, keep in mind that some competitive scholarships open applications as early as October 15.

Contact the Michigan Tech Student Financial Services Center for all application-related questions by calling 906-487-2622 or sending an email to finaid@mtu.edu.

What To Do if Michigan Tech Offers Little or No Financial Aid

Did Michigan Tech offer you insufficient aid or reject your application? Whether you need more aid or an application reconsideration, here’s what you can do:

  • Continuing students can file a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal and explain the circumstances that impacted their ability to keep up with academic tasks
  • First-year students can compose an appeal letter and include reasons why their required contribution poses an obstacle to their enrollment

To ensure that you get aid before the University depletes its funds, you should file an appeal as soon as you get the financial aid award letter, and we can help you with that!

DoNotPay Can Help You Get Your Appeal Letter on Its Way to Michigan Tech in a Matter of Moments!

Writing a letter for Michigan Tech doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. With DoNotPay, the process takes only a couple of minutes and three steps to complete:

  1. Access DoNotPay using any web browser
  2. Search for Appeal for More Financial Aid
  3. Explain what events increased your financial need

After you complete all steps, you will receive a custom-made appeal letter you can use to convince Michigan Tech to reconsider your financial aid application.

Explore our learning center and discover handy guides that can answer all of your financial-aid-related questions, for example:

Alternatives to Michigan Tech

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