Learn How To Get a Volleyball Scholarship

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How To Get a Volleyball Scholarship—The Ultimate Guide

Many athletes get gift aid based on their contribution to sports. As a volleyball player, you are on the right path of getting away with debt-free studies.

If you want to keep playing the sport you love and work on attaining your degree, you can have the best of both worlds with the help of sport-specific financial aid.

Learn how to get a volleyball scholarship, where to find the best programs, and how DoNotPay can automate your search.

What You Need To Know About College Volleyball Scholarships

From half a million high school volleyball players, only about 5.8% of them compete in college, and 1% play at the Division I level. To incentivize young athletes, colleges and universities offer specialized scholarships for students who are dedicated to this sport.

The award can cover your full tuition or part of it or provide compensation for your living expenses. How much you’ll need to invest in your studies depends on the location of the school as well. Education costs for out-of-state students are much higher, so the award you receive may not be enough.

When it comes to athletic programs, there are three main governing bodies:

  1. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)—made up of:
    1. Division I
    2. Division II
    3. Division III
  2. The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)
  3. The National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA)—for two-year community or junior colleges, made up of:
    1. Division I
    2. Division II

NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA offer scholarships for numerous other sports—including golf, track, soccer, football, basketball, and cheerleading.

The Breakdown of Scholarships for Volleyball Players

Here is the basic info regarding college volleyball programs supported by governing bodies:

Governing BodyNumber of SchoolsScholarship ProgramsAward
NCAA Division I
  • 247 for women
  • 23 for men
  • 12 for women
  • 4.5 for men
  • Full ride for women
  • Partial ride for men
NCAA Division II
  • 310 for women
  • 25 for men
  • 8 for women
  • 4.5 for men
Partial ride
NCAA Division III
  • 421 for women
  • 107 for men
  • No athletic scholarships, but players can receive academic aid
  • 251 for women
  • 43 for men
  • 8 per team—both men and women
Partial ride
NJCAA Division I
  • 103 for women
  • 12 for men
  • 14 for women
  • 18 for men in both divisions—I and II
Full ride
NJCAA Division II
  • 120 for women
  • 24 for men
  • 14 for women
Full tuition coverage

The Best Best Colleges for Volleyball Scholarships

Numerous schools participate in rewarding volleyball players and funding their studies.

Here are a few top-ranked schools with great teams that volleyball scholarships can get you in:

How To Get Volleyball College Scholarships

If you are determined to take advantage of your talent and score an award, get ready for the application procedures. What you need to do to become a candidate depends on the aid type you want to apply for.

Keep the following tips in mind to maximize your opportunities:

  • Browse schools that offer volleyball scholarships and single out the ones you are interested in
  • Read each scholarship description with care
  • Pay attention to academic and other requirements
  • Contact the coaches of the programs you want and let them know of your interest
  • Invite college coaches to watch your games
  • Uphold specific criteria set by the institutions you will enroll in and play for
  • Register with Eligibility Centers of the corresponding association (NCAA or NAIA)

If you have any questions, get in touch with financial aid representatives at your prospective schools or funders of the program.

For some college scholarships, you will need to write a scholarship essay and provide a letter of recommendation from your high school coach.

Keep in mind that not all volleyball programs will cover your college expenses in full.

Think about the specific groups you belong to based on your beliefs, characteristics, financial situation, and so on if you want your search to be more diversified.

Here are some unique scholarship categories that can get you more aid:

WomenInternational studentsMinorities
Students with a learning disabilityLow-income studentsPeople with anxiety
Foster youthChildren of single parentsChristians

Finding the right scholarships among so many different opportunities is a hassle. If you want to simplify this process, .

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