Useful Tips for Getting UCLA Scholarships With Zero Effort

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The Best Guide to UCLA Scholarships You Will Ever Read

Getting a scholarship at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is one of the best ways to reduce your tuition fees and other related expenses. Besides being non-repayable, this type of financial aid features many opportunities for various student groups, such as freshmen or undergraduates. In other words—there’s room for most students to apply.

Finding the relevant information about UCLA scholarships may be tricky, which is why we offer you the ultimate guide to this type of award! Learn:

  • What qualifications you must have to apply for scholarships
  • What the application process looks like
  • How you can find suitable scholarships and grants you qualify for in a snap with DoNotPay without searching through the internet for hours or even days

UCLA Scholarship Requirements in Brief

UCLA proposes some general eligibility criteria you must meet regardless of the type of scholarship you are pursuing. To qualify for these awards, you should:

  1. Maintain a minimum of a 3.0 GPA since most scholarships are fully or partially merit-based
  2. Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or a Dream Act Application within a specified application deadline provided by the institution
  3. Fill out an online application form available on the UCLA scholarship portal

Additional engagements, such as volunteering or participating in community activities, can also be used as deciding factors, as well as:

  • Your background
  • Professional interests
  • Special talents and achievements

What Scholarships Does UCLA Offer?

UCLA features three types of scholarships:

UCLA Regent ScholarshipsThe Regent Scholarship Program awards around 100 scholarships annually and applies to the UCLA campus only. It serves as a supplement for federal scholarship awards, such as Pell Grant. Freshmen are entitled to receive a four-year scholarship, while transfer students are eligible for a two-year one.

Students who get this type of support must report any additional financial aid they receive or changes in their academic status. They also mustn’t transfer to another college while receiving the scholarship

UCLA Alumni ScholarshipsThese scholarships are dedicated to incoming freshmen and transfer students coming from community colleges. The first category may receive between $6,000 and $20,000 within four years, while the second gets $6,000 within two years. Both student groups can get an additional $5,000 if they demonstrate financial need. Besides financial assets, these scholarships include other benefits, such as:
  • Involvement in various campus events
  • Alumni-to-student mentoring programs
  • Alumni Scholars Club membership
  • Access to numerous leadership development programs
UCLA Achievement ScholarshipsTo be considered for the Achievement scholarship, students must show both financial need and solid academic success. They also must be undergraduates to qualify for this award. The amount you can receive within this financial aid program ranges from $500 to $10,000 annually, and it’s allocated in equal monthly installments during a four-year period. Since these scholarships are renewable, you must re-apply for them each year to continue to receive the funds and keep complying with the eligibility criteria

How Do You Apply for UCLA Academic Scholarships?

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of the application process for UCLA scholarships:

  1. Check the application deadlines—It’s usually March 2, but the decision is subject to changes, so it’s important to check the newest info to ensure you are not late
  2. Fill out your FAFSA—This form can be completed and submitted online or manually/by mail. Complete all required fields with correct info and make sure you don’t make any mistakes
  3. Check if you need any other application forms and complete them as well—To be considered for some scholarships, you may have to file additional applications on the UCLA scholarship portal. Make sure to fill them out on time
  4. Prepare your scholarship essay—It’s a significant part of your application, and it must be done according to the writing prompts provided by the university
  5. Get a letter of recommendation—Choose a person who is familiar with your professional or educational achievements and ask them to write a reference letter for you
  6. Examine your Student Aid Report (SAR)—This document represents the summary of your FAFSA answers. Revise them one more time to exclude potential errors

Once your application is processed, you will get an official letter from UCLA containing a list of all the scholarships you are eligible for.

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