The Pros and Cons of Homeschooling Groups in NJ

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Why Might Homeschooling Groups in NJ Be Good for You?

If you’re in charge of your child’s education at home, there is plenty to think about. You should know what’s required for homeschooling, whether anyone else can teach your kid, what subjects you need to cover, or whether you can pick or create a unique homeschool curriculum.

You can get lots of relevant information and support from homeschooling groups in NJ. Joining one or a few of these organizations might provide necessary updates on laws, costs, available financial assistance, etc.

Social Community of NJ Homeschool Groups

To homeschool your kid in New Jersey—or any other state—you need to get familiar with the required processes, resources, and laws. A convenient way to obtain valuable info is by joining a local homeschool group.

Most homeschooling groups in NJ are active on social media. While some still might have websites, the quickest way to find out about the events they organize or changes to state or local regulations is to follow them on Facebook.

Here are some homeschooling groups in NJ you should consider:

These organizations allow you to hang out with other homeschool parents, exchange information, and share good practices and resources essential for successful homeschool teachers.

What About a Homeschool Co-Op in NJ?

A homeschool co-op in NJ is another convenient solution for busy parents. Many people who decided to homeschool their kids face significant challenges, so starting a co-op makes the process easier because the responsibilities are shared.

Co-ops provide:

  • Homeschooled students with collaborative learning opportunities—Your child can experience aspects of the traditional school environment. Teamwork is essential in many prospective jobs, and co-ops promote it through lab activities or sports
  • Parents with better conditions for homeschooling their kids—You can oversee organized classes and take part in administrative activities. Co-ops also allow parents to teach only the subjects they are apt in

You should investigate what homeschool co-ops exist in your school district, city, or county, but here’s a list of a few you might find interesting:

  1. Homeschool Explorer’s Club—This is a secular co-op located in Edison. Parents need to participate in all activities their children attend
  2. Homeschool Village Co-Op—It is another secular and parent-run co-op mainly focused on homeschooled children in central NJ
  3. Aquinas Learning Catholic Classical Co-Op—While this is a Catholic homeschool co-op in NJ located in Secaucus, they admit students of any religion, race, and ethnic origin
  4. The Learning Connection—This is a Christian homeschool co-op for parents who reside in Northwest NJ

What Are Advantages of Joining Homeschooling Groups and Co-Ops in NJ?

If you’re not sure whether joining a homeschooling group or co-op might be the right fit for you and your child, you can check out the following table to learn about the benefits:

Benefits of Homeschool GroupsBenefits of Homeschool Co-Ops
Your child can:
  • Meet other homeschoolers
  • Go on group field trips
  • Attend organized clubs and physical education

You can:

  1. Ask questions easily (e.g., how you can withdraw your kid from regular school or how many hours a day you need to teach)
  2. Search for relevant information in groups’ online communities (e.g., how to start homeschooling or whether you can do it in the middle of the year)
  3. Socialize with other families who have more experience in homeschooling
You and your kid can:
  • Have access to courses and subjects you cannot teach at home
  • Interact with the same group of students regularly, thus creating friendships among homeschoolers and their families
  • Get used to various teaching styles, which will prepare your kid for future regular school or college experience

Find an NJ Home School Association

If you’re not sure where to start looking for an NJ homeschool association, check out the following:

Homeschooling associations can lobby if state laws on homeschooling need to be changed.

Joining an NJ homeschooling association might also be a wise decision as these organizations offer information on the legal procedures and required paperwork to homeschool in NJ. Keep in mind that home-based education entails extensive administration.

The first step is creating a letter of intent to homeschool. This letter notifies your child’s current school and the local board of education of your intention to homeschool your child. If you need assistance with drafting this legal document, .

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