Protect Your Privacy With a Temporary Cell Phone

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Can a Temporary Cell Phone Protect Your Privacy?

Would you like to purchase a temporary phone number, but your phone has a SIM lock? One of the solutions you have is to buy a temporary cell phone. While a burner phone with a temporary number can help you avoid robocalls, spam texts, and target advertising, this option is not the most affordable one.

Continue reading our article to find out more about temporary cell phones and why you should rely on DoNotPay instead of buying a burner phone.

What Are Temporary Cell Phones?

A temporary cell phone—also known as a burner phone—is a prepaid device mostly used with a prepaid number. Since you don’t have to sign a contract when purchasing prepaid phones and phone numbers, you can rest assured that your privacy will be protected.

While burner phones are usually older, affordable phone devices, you can also buy a newer model if you plan to continue using the phone.

Why Do People Use Temporary Phones?

Most services require you to provide your phone number or email address upon registration so that they can verify your account. People usually don’t mind revealing their email addresses because it’s easy to make a separate email for registration purposes only.

When it comes to phone numbers, internet users are more careful. That’s why people prefer getting a temporary phone number to bypass phone verification when registering for:

  1. Social media
  2. Dating apps
  3. Service subscriptions
  4. Free trials
  5. Online surveys

Postpaid phones are widely popular because of their convenience, but most providers lock the phones so that you can’t use other SIM cards. Since it’s nearly impossible to insert a temporary SIM card into your postpaid device, many people choose to purchase a temporary cell phone.

How To Get a Temporary Cell Phone

You can purchase a temporary cell phone from any phone, department, or convenience store, including:

Once you buy the device, you’ll also get a prepaid phone number that you should activate according to the provided instructions. The SIM card will probably come with free minutes, data, and text messages. If you want to continue using the temporary cell phone, you should consider investing in one of the numerous temporary cell phone plans.

Best Temporary Cell Phone Plans

Prepaid phones can become expensive if you don’t choose the right plan. Here’s a short overview of the most affordable prepaid plans on the market:

Best Prepaid Plan for:CarrierPriceWhat’s Included
DataBoost Mobile$50 a month
  • Unlimited data, minutes, and text messages
T-Mobile$40 a month
  • Unlimited texts and minutes
  • 10GB of data


Boost Mobile$140 a month for four lines
  • Unlimited:
    • Texts
    • Data
    • Minutes
    • Music streaming
  • 12GB mobile hotspot
Cricket$100 a month for four lines
  • Unlimited data, texts, and minutes

No Data

Republic Wireless$15 a month
  • Unlimited texts and minutes
Ting$12 a month
  • 100 minutes
  • 100 texts


$3 a month + three cents per MB or minute over the limit
  • 100 minutes
  • 100MB 4G data
  • 100 texts


$2 per day of use
  • Unlimited texts and minutes

Register for Any Service Without a Phone Thanks to DoNotPay

Even though buying a temporary phone might be a decent solution, not everyone wants to spend too much money on prepaid plans each month. Thanks to DoNotPay, you’ll get a fake phone number whenever you need it for a small subscription fee. Our feature will help you protect yourself from robocalls and spam texts on Android and iPhone.

DoNotPay has created the best fake phone number app that will provide you with a temporary number in a few clicks, and here’s how:

  1. Open
  2. Choose our Burner Phone service
  3. Enter the name of the company you need the fake number for
  4. Click on Create a Temporary Phone Number

The provided number will be valid for 10 minutes. Once the number expires, DoNotPay will deactivate it, and the data you’ve received will be deleted.

With us, you can safely register for any service, dating app, or social media network, including:

Take Your Privacy Protection One Step Further With DoNotPay’s Virtual Credit Card

A credit card number is another detail that many people don’t feel comfortable sharing when signing up for a service. has a solution for that, too. Our virtual credit card feature will generate a fake credit card number and expiration date for you to use upon registration.

Besides protecting your personal info, our free virtual credit card can come in handy if you want to register for a free trial. Our credit card doesn’t contain any money, which means that you won’t be charged for the subscription even if you forget to cancel the free trial. You will be unsubscribed automatically once the free trial is over.

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