How to Get a Non-VoIP Number for Verification

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Get the Best Non-VoIP Number for Verification

Have you ever wondered what a non-VoIP number is, and how to use one? Confused about where these numbers work, or how they can be accessed and obtained? Read more to find out!

What is a Non-VoIP Number?

Below, find some characteristics of non-VoIP numbers, and discover their potential for closing gaps between mobile landlines, and the technological era:

  • No Phone Required: A non-VoIP number is a phone number associated with a mobile telephone service or landline, contrasting the popular misconception that a SIM card is needed for a telephone.
  • Regular, Reliable Use: With a non-VoIP number, one can access all of the regular services typically associated with a landline or physical phone number tied to a cellular device.

The Benefits of Non-VoIP Numbers

Consider a telephone that is accessible, unrestricted and secure: that is exactly what a non-VoIP number does.

  • They’re Unrestricted: Non-VoIP numbers are not fixed, or attached to a physical address or location; they connect to a public network.
  • They Promote Accessibility: Non-VoIP numbers are not assigned to a physical location, and can therefore be used from various different locations throughout the world, and can be affiliated with a region without a geographical tie.
  • Personal Use: Non-VoIP numbers are not assigned to a particular SIM card, and can be reliant on another SIM card or no SIM card at all, this greatly decreases the potential financial burden of operating multiple SIM cards.

Common Uses for Non-VoIP Numbers

In an increasingly service-based world, non-VoIP numbers are perfect for accessing a variety of services, including but not limited to:

  1. Dating App Security: With an increase in online dating, non-VoIP numbers are great for protecting personal security, while still being able to call and text people on dating apps
  2. App Privacy: Often, apps require SMS text verification — and to bypass this, a non-VoIP number is essential to ensuring that your personal security and privacy are prioritized.
  3. Spam Prevention: Duct cleaning, am I right? We’ve all received spam texts and calls before, and with a non-VoIP number, no spam texts and annoying robocalls are a reality.

What Are Some Services That Provide Non-VoIP Numbers?

Non-VoIP numbers are extremely practical and can be used for a variety of purposes, so a plethora of current service providers are moving towards the Non-VoIP area, but few have escaped hiccups. Here are some examples:

  • Skype
  • WhatsApp
  • Google Voice

Considering these providers sometimes require a physical account for verification and identity authenticating purposes, there are other providers, like DoNotPay, that do not. This allows for a truly secure, independent and anonymous experience.

Alternatives to Non-VoIP Phone Numbers

Below, find common alternatives to obtaining a non-VoIP phone number, with some drawbacks:

Buy Another PhoneThis is an extremely expensive alternative to using a non-VoIP number; phones cost upwards of 800$ per piece.
Use Fake Phone Numbers on GoogleThis is met with mixed success; sometimes, using a fake phone number on Google works, but it is difficult to gauge how accurate and reliable a free phone number will be.
Use Someone Else’s Phone NumberThis is a controversial alternative; using another person’s phone number simply shifts the spam and privacy risks toward another person.
Buy Another SIM CardBuying another SIM Card can be expensive; figuring out the logistics of inserting and removing SIM cards can also be confusing to navigate, and also presents a physical barrier between a phone number, and your phone.

So, now you know what a non-VoIP number is… But is that it?

Absolutely not! With DoNotPay, discover the world of potential through our burner phone services, which utilize non-VoIP technology to streamline your consumer experience. Find out how, below:

Use DoNotPay to Access Non-VoIP Technology

With DoNotPay’s burner phone service, non-VoIP technology is instantly accessible at your request. As the consumer champion, we strive to deliver effective alternatives to conventional, at an affordable cost. Read more below to find out!

How to Set Up DoNotPay’s Burner Phone:

  1. Open the DoNotPay service, alike an instant non-VoIP delivery service!
  2. Choose an applicable service, or simply select “create a new phone number” which will then create a temporary phone number for your use.
  3. DoNotPay instantly generates a phone number that you can use for any social media, texting, communication, or phone service. Just like a real phone number!
  4. Once you’ve received a message from the DoNotPay app, begin to use your brand-new phone number, and rest assured that your security and privacy have been protected!

Notably, goes above and beyond to ensure that your phone number is created and promotes security. After 10 minutes, automatically deletes, allowing for a streamlined and safe user experience.

But, that is not all! DoNotPay also offers some more useful services:

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