How Can You Bypass the MeetMe Phone Number Verification?

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How to Create a MeetMe Account without a Phone Number

One of the greatest problems of the 21st century is privacy maintenance. With smartphones that always know our location and preferences, it’s getting harder to protect our privacy. That is the reason why 80% of Americans are trying to think of new ways to protect it.

Using burner phones is tempting, but for many, this is an option that’s too expensive. This is why people came up with fake phone number apps. With them, you can generate a temporary phone number that you can use to verify your account or get in touch with a stranger on a dating app without exposing yourself to cyberstalkers.

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Why Does MeetMe Need Phone Number Verification?

As a dating website, MeetMe has an obligation to establish that all the profiles on it belong to real people. This is the main reason why Meetme asks for your phone number randomly. MeetMe could ask you to verify your account even five days after you’ve signed up.

The platform uses phone number verification to:

  • Stop the registration of fake accounts—You can’t make multiple accounts under the same phone number, and this is why MeetMe requires its users to verify an account by giving their phone number and inputting the verification code
  • Verify you’re human—The majority of websites use the Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA) to make sure that the individual that’s signing up isn’t a bot
  • Keep an eye on suspicious users—Whenever a suspicious user occurs, MeetMe asks for their phone number so that it can determine if the account is fraudulent

Can You Verify Your MeetMe Account Without a Phone?

You can verify your MeetMe account without revealing your phone number in two ways. You can send an email to MeetMe customer support. To verify your account by sending an email, you’ll need the following information:

  • Full name
  • Country/State
  • Email address you use for MeetMe

MeetMe’s staff will verify your account manually once they establish that you’re a real person after they review your information. Keep in mind that, even though you avoided revealing your phone number, you gave other private information about you.

Potential Problems You Could Experience With the MeetMe Verification Process

There are a few inconveniences that you could experience when MeetMe asks you to verify your account. You may:

  • Not receive the confirmation code to your phone
  • Not receive the verification code through an email
  • Not be able to receive a verification code to your mobile because you have a new phone number

You can contact MeetMe customer support at, or you can call them at 866-217-8131.

How To Bypass MeetMe Phone Number Verification

Follow these steps to verify your MeetMe account by sending an email to MeeMe customer support:

  1. Write an email stating that you don’t want to verify your account with your private phone number
  2. Include your full name, state, and the email you use for MeetMe
  3. Send your email to

There are alternatives to sending this email. You can verify your MeetMe account in several other ways:

Methods of Verifying Your AccountYes/NoAbout the Method
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable
Burner PhoneYes
  • Risk-free
  • Expensive
  • Prepaid SIM can expire if not topped up
Fake Phone Number AppYes
  • Expensive
  • Risky—the app might not work for MeetMe
Via Home PhoneYes
  • Unsafe
  • Certain to verify your account
Websites for Free SMS VerificationYes
  • Fake number might not work
  • Easy to find
  • Reusable—other people might have used the same number

DoNotPay Can Help You Bypass MeetMe Phone Verification!

If you need to verify your account on any dating app, including MeetMe, DoNotPay has the perfect feature for you! Get our temporary phone number that goes inactive after 10 minutes, which is long enough for you to receive a verification code and create your account.

DoNotPay’s fake phone number is intended for one-time use, but you can generate a generous amount of fake phone numbers a month.

Sign up for DoNotPay in your web browser, and follow these instructions to get a temporary phone number:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on Burner Phone
  3. Type in MeetMe as the name of the company you need your fake number for
  4. Tap on Create a Temporary Number

After you acquire your fake phone number, you can enter it in the field where MeetMe asks for your phone number. You will get a text on DoNotPay that will contain your verification code. Be sure to use it within 10 minutes because all information will be deleted once we deactivate the number.

While some companies charge up to $50 a year for a single number, DoNotPay includes this service into your subscription, which makes it the most affordable option.

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