How To Create Multiple Accounts With A Phone Verification Service

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How To Create Multiple Accounts With A Phone Verification Service

All the big companies today are cracking down on suspicious behavior on their websites. To do this, they require that every user has their own phone number when signing up so that it’s even more difficult to take advantage of security exploits at the expense of the company or its other members.

While that’s all in good intentions, it might not do anything to help you if you’re looking to create a second account. Allow us at DoNotPay to tell you more about how a phone verification service can help you gain another profile easily.

Reasons To Have Multiple Accounts On A Website or App

You’re probably looking to have a second account for a popular service, such as a social media website or dating app, and have good reasons for it. Despite this, you likely need to get help from a phone number verification service, even if you’re not intending to do any shady business. Here are the main reasons our customers claim to want another profile:

They want a business account.If you run a business but already have personal online accounts, it can be tough if you already have your number linked to your first account. Phone verification services can alleviate this problem, especially if the new number is one you don’t even have to manage.
They can’t access their primary account.If you’ve had an account with a website for a very long time with an email server that no longer exists, it’s impossible to log back in if you need access to that email account.
They want to keep two activities separate.Such is the case with cloud-sharing platforms like Microsoft OneDrive, users who need it for work likely would want an account of their own to use for home, family, and friends. Being able to have multiple accounts would make managing files easier and would prevent possible awkward conversations with coworkers.

What Is The Best Phone Verification Service I Can Use?

In order to successfully obtain a second account for any website that requires phone verification, we strongly suggest . Here is how DoNotPay’s Burner Phone Product works:

  • You enter that phone number to register on the website in question.
  • DoNotPay will text you the verification code instantly.
  • You enter the code and complete your signup!

How Does DoNotPay Compare To Other Fake Phone Number Apps?

There are many other fake phone number apps that can make strong cases to become your go-to phone verification service, these include:

  • Burner
  • Flyp
  • AnonymSMS
  • Hushed
  • CloudTalk
  • Line2
  • Tossable Digits
  • Private Line
  • TextNow

But here’s how DoNotPay stands out:

  • We keep tabs on which numbers are still unused for certain websites, so you’re guaranteed to get a working number every time.
  • DoNotPay offers many other tools and resources along with our Burner Phone product for one low monthly fee.
  • Use on your web browser or download our app from your iPhone or Android device.

Phone Number Alternatives To A Second Account

There are other alternatives to DoNotPay in order to get an alternative or fake phone number. They are as follows:

  • Burner phone - This $50 phone is where you can retrieve a second phone number for as many sites as you need.
  • VoIP number - Ideal for businesses, a VoIP number costs $10 a month and is able to receive texts like a smartphone.
  • Borrow a friend’s phone number - If he or she is willing and isn’t already signed up to that same website, it could be a free, convenient hack for obtaining account #2.

What Else Is DoNotPay’s Burner Phone Product Good For?

Primarily, has created the Burner Phone service in order to help prevent users from handing over their private phone number to corporations. With this information, corporations could very well be giving it to third party companies without your permission, which can lead to unwarranted spam and robocalls.

While you can use DoNotPay to create multiple accounts, they also benefit users who want a single account, but want to avoid harassing calls and texts.

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