How to Get a US Phone Number for Verification

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How to Get a US Phone Number for Verification

Have you ever needed a phone number to verify an account, but struggled to get one? Concerned about privacy and even security leaks from corporations? With DoNotPay, discover how to get a US phone number for verification in a few easy steps:

Why People Get US Phone Numbers for Verification

Ever wondered what some common reasons people get US phone numbers for verification are? Many services require accounts to be verified externally, through a third party that allows for security and communication that is controlled. So, many people choose US phone numbers that are temporary and not linked to VoIP for verification. Explore this below:

Personal Privacy OnlineConcerned about your Tinder information being leaked? Worried about harassment and/or stalking from people you’ve met online? Many people choose to get a US Phone number for verification to serve the purpose of protecting one’s personal privacy and dealing with security.
Preventing SpammingSpeaking of security, ever received a frustrating spam text? This problem is more common than you think, and in order to prevent spamming, people often rely on US phone numbers that are ‘fake’ for verification.
Dealing with Data LeaksData leaks got you down? With DoNotPay’s US phone number for verification, easily deal with the potential of your information being leaked — by saying “no” to using your personal phone number online.

Still confused? Wondering why services often ask for phone verification? Let’s get into the reasoning, below:

How Do Services Use Your Personal Information for Verification?

Many services require phone verification for a third-party authentication system, that has become increasingly familiar with signing up for a new account. These reasonings include:

  • Authentication Purposes: To authenticate an individual user’s ID, companies often need you to provide a personal phone number to convince them that you are a human. As silly as this seems, this is a common step in preventing AI-technological interference with tech.
  • Refreshing Company Databases: Sometimes, you have a preexisting account that can be used to verify your information. If you have not logged into this account or used a company’s services for a while, they can require you to input personal information to refresh their databases.
  • Authorize Purchases and Accounts: Although many services that require third-party authentication are free, some also involve payments. For fraud prevention, it is essential that companies verify who is purchasing a service or using an account.

Common Issues with How People Get a US Phone Number for Verification

In the United States, it is common to access a ‘fake’ or ‘temporary’ phone number for verification through a variety of services like Google Voice, Whatsapp and TextNow. However, here are some common issues people run into:

  • Temporary Number Bans: Social media sites like Twitter have banned the use of temporary phone numbers for verification, meaning that they cannot be used at all to create an account, and that the system will immediately detect a fake phone number
  • No Phone Access: With no phone access, you will not be able to get a US phone number — there is no SIM you can use. It can be expensive and difficult to get a temporary phone number, and thus it can be a hurdle to have to pay for a temporary phone number too.
  • Faulty Access Services: Sometimes, free does not mean “good” — in the case of many free online phone numbers, you are not guaranteed a US phone number, nor are you guaranteed the results of a phone number working. With DoNotPay, we charge a small membership fee, but you are provided with non-VoIP numbers that are easy to use, and accessible.

How to Access DoNotPay’s Phone Number for Verification

DoNotPay offers a secure method to access a US phone number for verification, with our “burner phone” service. To use this service, follow these steps:

  1. Download the DoNotPay App
  2. Open the DoNotPay App
  3. Select “Burner Phone
  4. Choose a relevant service offering, if necessary
  5. Click “Create Temporary Phone Number” and specify the that you want
  6. DoNotPay will generate an easy-to-use, efficient phone number that works in any circumstance!

Additionally, DoNotPay’s phone number will delete your text messages automatically and deactivate after 10 minutes of usage. This maintains privacy, security and accessibility.

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