How to Get a Fake US Phone Number

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The Fastest Way to Get a Fake US Phone Number

Fictitious phone numbers are valuable alternatives to mobile phones, premium-paid numbers and toll-free phone services. Below, find out what precisely a is:

  • A fake US phone number does not connect to a physical SIM card
  • Fake US phone numbers are temporary, and can be used for a minimal time frame and then discarded at the discretion of the service provider or user
  • Phone numbers that are fake allow for privacy and other protections related to safety and accessibility
  • Fake US Phone numbers can be used to make calls, send texts or create accounts

Why Are Fake US Phone Numbers Used?

Fake US Phone numbers are used for a variety of reasons, related to security, privacy and communication that is not permanent. Below, find these reasons in detail:

  1. Anonymity: Fake US Phone numbers allow for an anonymous method of communicating without the revelation of one’s personal phone number or identity
  2. Security: For professional and passion-based pursuits, fake US phone numbers are often used to promote a secure environment that avoids the reality of being traced
  3. Privacy: When dealing with situations that require temporary information for the release or communication of information, people use burner phones to upkeep their privacy and personal information
  4. Temporary Communication: Fake US phone numbers are useful for avoiding international calling or texting fees, and can be helpful in solving concerns related to temporary communication or network issues

How Most People Use Fake US Phone Numbers

There are many reasons why individuals choose to use fake US phone numbers, many of which are related to legitimate, privacy-centred purposes. Here are some popular instances of the aforementioned:

  • Online Dating: Many individuals indulge in the increasingly online nature of the world, online dating prompts the connection of people through technological means, whether it be through calling or texting
  • Temporary Work or Pleasure Projects: Freelancers often use fake US phone numbers to maintain a work-life balance, and alternatively, professionals often use fake US phone numbers to separate work from pleasure
  • Travel: Frequently travel? A fake US phone number is crucial in avoiding high international roaming fees and helps maintain your personal privacy if you are using a phone number abroad, preventing data leaks!
  • Transactions: When one purchases or sells an item online, security is almost always a driving question. With a fake US phone number, rest assured that your personal information will not be leaked from conducting a transaction.

Current Service Providers of Fake US Phone Numbers

There are a variety of services that currently offer fake US phone numbers, but no two services are the same. Here are some options:

Prepaid Mobile ProvidersMobile providers often allow for a prepaid phone plan, creating a simple way to distribute information and maintain personal privacy while being connected, technologically.
Burner WebsitesBurner websites are often subscription-based, and provide the ability to download a mobile app or sign up for a product online, and access fake US phone numbers.
Free Online ServicesOften, free services online offer fake US phone numbers, but their connectivity and reliability is questionable. If you are looking to preserve your personal privacy, this may not be the option for you!
SIM Cards SIM Cards are an easy way to obtain an alternative or fake US phone number; simply get a new SIM card, and pop it into your phone. Although this can get expensive and is traceable, it is an option!

With DoNotPay’s temporary phone number service, discover the ways that you can obtain a fake US phone number, with ease!

How to Use DoNotPay to Obtain a Fake US Phone Number

Using DoNotPay’s burner phone service, you can obtain a fake US phone number instantly. Our accessible service provisions ensure that your needs, privacy and security are met at the highest level possible, with the most attention paid to your demands as a consumer. Here’s how to do it!

How to Use the DoNotPay Burner Phone Service

  1. Open the DoNotPay app, and select “burner phone” to create a new number
  2. Choose an applicable service, select “United States” for the intended country code, and a temporary phone number will instantly be generated for your use!
  3. DoNotPay ensures that a phone number is generated that works, and can be used for any communicative or travel purposes. You can use this to call, create and text — just as any other phone number!

DoNotPay keeps your security in mind! Notably, we go above and beyond to ensure that a phone number that is created promotes security and protects privacy. After 10 minutes, the generated phone number deletes, streamlining and securing your experience.

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