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How To Get Documents Notarized by a Notary in Staten Island Today

When you need a notarized document—be it a will, trust, affidavit, car title, or a certified copy—you’ll want notary services that are reliable. Where to find a notary in Staten Island is just one of the many questions we’ll answer in this article.

What Does a Notary in Staten Island Do?

A notary public is a person that is commissioned by the state—in this case, the State of New York—to perform notarial acts, including:

  • Witnessing signatures
  • Administering oaths and affirmations
  • Being present at a forced opening of an abandoned safe deposit box and taking note of the contents
  • Receiving and certifying acknowledgments and proof of written instruments, such as deeds, mortgages, and

How To Find a Notary Public in Staten Island

You can search for a notary in Staten Island using one of these methods:

  1. See if a local institution or business has a notary on staff
  2. Search Google
  3. Use online platforms

Institutions and Businesses That Might Offer Notary Services

Some institutions and businesses deal with notarized documents all the time—that’s why many of them have in-house notaries. The businesses and institutions where you might find notary services are:

Looking for Notaries on Google

Some of the Staten Island notaries public that you can find on Google are:

Notary PublicAddressContact Information
Mobile Notary of Staten IslandElmwood Park Dr, Staten Island, NY 10314917-600-8786
Andrew Golub NY NJ PA Notary Public21 Parker St, Staten Island, NY 10307347-343-3277
Gtax Services And Exporting Co.51 Seneca St, Staten Island, NY 10310718-447-1172
Carla’s Tax and Notary Agency76 Victory Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10301917-455-9018
Charles N. Cook Notary PublicN/A917-292-2129
Raz Mobile Notary309 Giffords Ln, Staten Island, NY 10308347-541-7292
Jennifer Kline NotaryPleasant Plains ave Staten Island, N.Y 10309917-887-9904

Platforms for Finding Notaries

You can use one of the specialized platforms to look for a notary near you:

Is a Notary Public in Staten Island Authorized To Notarize Documents Online?

Going into an office or having a mobile notary over might not be the best choice during the COVID-19 pandemic. With remote online notarization, you can get all your documents notarized from the safety of your home. You won’t have to deal with the inconveniences that come with in-person notarization, nor you’ll have to pay additional charges for mobile notary travel expenses.

There are 28 states that allow RON, but more and more states are joining them. The state of New York currently allows online notarization under specific conditions.

A notary public in Staten Island or anywhere else in the State of New York may notarize your documents online if they:

  1. Verify your identity with a valid government-issued ID
  2. Perform the notarial act via a live video call—no pre-recorded videos of signing are allowed
  3. Make sure that the copy of the document you send them via fax or electronically is legible
  4. Confirm that you’re present in the State of New York during the notarization process

If you , we’ll find you the best online notary in Staten Island and help you deal with this administration process as conveniently as possible.

DoNotPay Is the Most Efficient Way To Get Your Documents Notarized

If you don’t want to waste your time, energy, and money on finding an online notary by yourself, we are glad to do it for you. DoNotPay is by far the best online platform for finding online notaries and getting a notary’s signature on your documents in the blink of an eye. You can see for yourself how amazing our platform is by today and following these steps:

  1. Open our Notarize Any Document product
  2. Upload the document that you want notarized
  3. Type in your email address

We’ll send you a link for setting up an online video meeting with your notary. When you meet your notary via a live video call, they will do an identity check and witness your signing of the document.

DoNotPay Has Answers to Various Questions About the Notarization Process

DoNotPay has a lot more to offer our subscribers. We have a learning center that can help you learn more about notarizing documents. Here are just some of the questions we can answer for you:

  1. What does a notary do?
  2. Is a notarized document legally binding?
  3. Can I get a birth certificate notarized?
  4. How can I get a document notarized without being present?
  5. Do I need to get a power of attorney notarized?
  6. Can I get something notarized for a family member?
  7. How can I get an affidavit of domestic partnership notarized?

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