How To Find an Online Notary Public in Astoria

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You Can Find an Online Notary Public in Astoria in Three Minutes!

You no longer have to waste time searching for a notary public in Astoria, setting up a meeting, and showing up in his or her office. The notarization process is significantly easier now that NYS allows online notarization.

In this guide, DoNotPay will break down all notarization methods in New York and help you find an online notary in under five minutes. to draw up and get any document notarized as effortlessly as possible!

Which Documents Require Notarization in Astoria, Queens?

While most documents don’t need to be notarized to be legally binding, having a notary witness the signing ensures your contracts carry weight. Verifying whether a document is valid is much easier when the document is notarized.

Some of the documents that should be notarized in NYS are:

What Are the Responsibilities of a Notary Public in Astoria?

Witnessing signatures isn’t the only duty of notaries in Astoria. Before notarizing a document, notaries also have to:

  • Verify the signer’s identity by examining his or her ID in person
  • Perform a notarial act, such as:
    • Administering an oath or affirmation
    • Taking an acknowledgment
    • Noting a protest
  • Determine whether the signer is of sane mind
  • Ensure the signer isn’t forced to sign the contract
  • Establish whether the signer knows what the contents of the document are
  • Review the document to make sure it’s complete

Should everything go smoothly, the notary can write a certificate and mark the document with a notary stamp and signature.

The notary must refuse to perform the notarization if:

  • He or she suspects fraud
  • There’s an issue with the document (e.g., there are blank spaces or the document is missing some pages)
  • The signer is:
    • Intoxicated
    • Forced to sign the document
    • Mentally incapacitated
    • Unable to provide an ID

Astoria Notary Fees

Not all notaries charge fees for their services, but those who do have to respect the state-imposed limit on each notarial act:

Notary ServicePrice Limit
Taking acknowledgments$2 + $2 for each additional witness
Administering oaths and affirmations$2
Noting protests$0.75 + $0.10 per notice
Taking proofs of execution$2 + $2 for each additional witness

When it comes to travel costs and other administrative fees, the state doesn’t dictate the maximum amount that notaries can charge. Every notary public has the right to form these prices on his or her own.

Learn About the Notarization Methods in New York

As a New York resident, you can get your documents notarized in a few ways. These are the notarization methods you can choose from:

  1. Standard notarization
  2. Electronic notarization
  3. Mobile notarization
  4. Online notarization

Standard Notarization

The traditional notarization process is the most complicated one because it consists of many tedious steps, such as:

  1. Finding a notary in places like:
    • Large bank branches
    • Law offices
    • UPS facilities
    • AAA stores
    • Credit unions
    • Independent notary offices
  2. Scheduling a meeting days or weeks in advance
  3. Collecting your documents and bringing them to the notary
  4. Waiting for the notary to:
    • Identify you
    • Review the documents
    • Perform a notarial act
  5. Paying notary fees
  6. Signing the document in the presence of the notary
  7. Waiting for the notarial certificate

This method isn’t error-proof because you can easily lose a document page on your way to the notary’s office or forget to bring your ID.

Electronic Notarization

Even though electronic notaries notarize digital documents, e-notarization includes the same steps as the traditional one. It’s slightly less annoying because you can email your contracts instead of bringing them with you.

Mobile Notarization

Mobile notaries perform notarial acts on previously agreed-upon locations, including:

  • The clients’ homes or offices
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Nursing homes
  • Restaurants
  • Airports

This solution is convenient as long as you don’t mind covering the notary’s travel costs, which can be high, especially if you hire the notary after hours.

Online Notarization

Online notaries witness the signing of the documents and perform notarial acts via audio-video calls, which helps save a lot of time. Signing up for an online notary platform enables you to:

  • Get your documents notarized without having to go to a notary’s office
  • Avoid wasting money on a mobile notary
  • Handle document notarization any time of the day
  • Not worry about making a mistake

NYS decided to allow remote notarization due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s still not clear whether this notarization method will be available after the pandemic.

Use DoNotPay To Connect With an Online Notary in Astoria Fast!

While online notary apps are the most practical solution, some platforms can be complicated to use. That’s why you should choose DoNotPay and avoid wasting time.

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These are the steps you need to follow to use our product in New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, Louisiana, Tennessee, or any other state:

  1. Type in Notarize Any Document in the search bar
  2. Upload your document
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Open the link in the email we send you and set up a virtual meeting with an online notary

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