Learn How To Get a Notary Acknowledgement in NY

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Is Getting a Notary Acknowledgment in NY Complicated?

Getting your documents notarized in NY or any other state can be tiresome, but sometimes you have to go through the notarization process to make your documents legitimate. When you get a notary acknowledgment in NY, it is evidence you have signed the document willingly.

to find out how to have trusts, wills, real estate deeds, affidavits, or other documents notarized in the blink of an eye.

What Is a Notary Acknowledgment in NY?

A notary acknowledgment—also called a notary statement—is proof that you appeared before a notary public and that he or she has:

  1. Verified your identity
  2. Confirmed you understand the contents of the document
  3. Determined you have signed the document of your own will

When the notarization process goes smoothly, a notary will complete a notary acknowledgment form to finalize the official notarization.

Do You Have To Sign the Document in Front of the Notary?

To receive the notary acknowledgment in NY, signers can sign the document in advance, i.e., they do not have to do it in front of a notary public.

While New York notaries do not have to provide a stamp or seal at the end of the notary service, they must supply the following:

Steps To Complete a Notary Statement in NY

A notary public will take the following steps during the notarial act:

StepsAdditional Explanation

Requiring signers’ appearance

All signers need to appear personally before a notary public in NY:
  • Physically, i.e., face-to-face for traditional in-office and mobile notarizations
  • Virtually, i.e., on-screen for remote online notarization

Reviewing your document

A notary will scan the document to determine it:
  1. Is complete
  2. Has no:
    • Blank spaces
    • Missing pages
  3. Contains a notary certificate (notary block)
Confirming the identity You will need to prove your identity by providing a valid government-issued photo and signed ID document. For this purpose, you can use your:
  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • ID
Verifying the factsA notary public will:
  • Ask whether you are signing the document willingly
  • Confirm you are aware of what you are doing
  • Ask you to acknowledge that your signature is on the document (if you have signed it before meeting the notary)
  • Witness your signing the document (if you have not done it in advance)
Recording the factsYou will need to wait for a notary to complete a record in a journal with the following notarization information:
  • Date and time
  • Description of the document
  • Type of notarization performed
  • Your name and address
  • How you were identified
  • Notary fees charged
  • Your signature
Finalizing the notarizationTo complete the whole process, a notary will fill out and sign the notary acknowledgment certificate

What Is a New York Notary Block?

A New York notary block—also called a notary certificate—shows what type of notarization the notary needs to perform. If you do not provide this certificate, you will have to let the notary know whether you need:

  • A jurat
  • An acknowledgment
  • Some other notarial act

Besides indicating what type of notarial act you need, you must attach the appropriate certificate form to your document.

You cannot use an acknowledgment certificate for a jurat or some other notarial act as each certificate requires a specific certificate wording.

How Much Is a Notary Statement in NY?

Notaries public in New York charge $2 for:

  1. Taking and certifying the:
    • Acknowledgment
    • Proof of execution of a written instrument
  2. Administering and certifying an:
    • Oath
    • Affirmation

How To Get a Notary Acknowledgment in NY

You can choose one of the following ways to get a notary acknowledgment in NY:

Notary Type


Regular notaryYou need to head to a notary’s office once you have set up an appointment. It is the most lengthy type of notarization as you need to:
  1. Find a notary
  2. Get in touch with him or her
  3. Ask about the notary fees
  4. Schedule an appointment
  5. Drive to the notary’s office at the agreed time
Mobile notaryMobile notaries can visit you at any convenient location, such as:
  • Your apartment
  • Hospital
  • Restaurant
  • Airport
  • Your office
  • Jail

These notaries are usually more expensive as they charge additional travel fees

Online notaryOnline notaries perform the notary services remotely via a live audio-video call

to get your documents notarized using remote online notarization—the most practical and safest option (especially during the COVID-19 pandemic).

DoNotPay Is Your Remote Online Notarization Expert

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