Why You Shouldn't Hire a Mobile Notary in Sacramento

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Notarize Documents Without Wasting Money on a Mobile Notary in Sacramento

To avoid the tiresome and complicated traditional notarization process, many Sacramento citizens rely on traveling notaries even though they are more expensive. Since California prohibits remote notarization, hiring a mobile notary in Sacramento can be convenient, but is it really necessary?

DoNotPay is here to explain all about online notarization and help you get your documents notarized in a few clicks. to get connected with an online notary in a matter of minutes!

What Does a Mobile Notary Do?

Mobile notaries are officials authorized to travel from one location to another to perform notarial acts, such as:

  • Administering oaths and affirmations
  • Certifying copies of personal documents
  • Taking acknowledgments
  • Notarizing proofs of execution

While standard Sacramento notaries work solely from their offices, mobile notaries can come to your home, office, or any other location, including jails, hospitals, and restaurants. Traveling notaries require in-person presence during notarization.

The mobile notary you hire has to:

  1. Check your passport, driver’s license, or any other valid identification document to verify your identity
  2. Determine your competence and willingness by asking you whether you’re:
    • Familiar with the contents of the document you’re about to sign
    • Singing the document voluntarily
  3. Ensure you’re of sound mind
  4. Review your document to make sure it’s complete
  5. Witness your signature
  6. Write a notarial certificate
  7. Sign and place his or her official stamp on the document

The notary must refuse to notarize your document if:

  • You don't appear in front of him or her
  • They notice fraudulent behavior
  • You don’t have an ID
  • The notary suspects you’re:
    • Forced to sign the document
    • Intoxicated
    • Mentally incapacitated
  • Your document has missing pages or blank spaces

Which Documents Can a Mobile Notary Notarize?

Most people hire mobile notaries for their real estate loan documents, but traveling notaries can handle any type of document that requires notarization, including:

How Much Can Mobile Notaries in Sacramento Charge?

The State of California imposes the limit on notary fees in all counties and cities. Sacramento notaries can’t charge more than:

  • $30 for taking depositions + $7 when administering the oath and $7 for the certificate
  • $15 per signature regardless of other notary acts

While the maximum fee for standard notary services is limited, notaries can determine prices for postage, travel expenses, and similar independently.

Notaries must inform each client about the fees before setting up an appointment. As a client, you have the right to call multiple mobile notaries public in Sacramento and ask about their prices to make an informed decision.

Is Hiring a Mobile Notary the Most Convenient Option?

While booking an appointment with a mobile notary is practical because it saves you a lot of time, it can also be super expensive. Remote notarization is a much better solution because it:

  • Enables you to get your documents notarized without appearing before the notary in person
  • Is a more affordable option
  • Allows you to handle document notarization whenever and wherever you want

All online notary platforms work in the same way. They connect you with a remote notary who verifies your identity and witnesses the signing of the document via a video call.

Some states allow online notarization either permanently or only during the COVID-19 pandemic. California prohibits online notarization, but its residents have the right to get their documents notarized remotely by an out-of-state notary.

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The table below shows why DoNotPay should be your choice each time you need to get your contracts notarized in Sacramento:

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Mobile notarizationYesYesYesNo
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