How To Contact the Ithaca College Financial Aid Office With No Fuss

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The Easiest Way To Contact the Ithaca College Financial Aid Office

Are you applying to Ithaca College and have questions about the financial aid program? This guide will not only show you the quickest way to contact the Ithaca College Financial Aid Office, but it will also answer some of the most frequently asked questions about applying for financial aid!

How To Contact the Ithaca College Financial Aid Office

If the financial aid application process is causing you trouble or you want to know more about eligibility criteria or the potential award amounts, you can contact the Ithaca College Financial Aid Office in three ways:

  1. Via email
  2. By phone
  3. In person

Reach Out to the Ithaca College Financial Aid Office via Email

To contact the Office, write an email containing all of your questions to

Contact the Ithaca College Financial Aid Office by Phone

Reach the Ithaca College Financial Aid Office by calling (607) 274-3131.

Ask Any Questions in Person at the Ithaca College Financial Aid Office

The address of the Ithaca College Financial Aid Office is:

The Peggy Ryan Williams Center, 2nd floor

953 Danby Road, Ithaca, NY 14850

Note that the Office switched to remote work during this spring term. Refer to the other contact methods until the College allows staff members to go back to the office.

What Types of Financial Aid Does Ithaca College Offer?

The Ithaca College offers the following types of financial aid:

  1. Scholarships
  2. Grants
  3. Work-study programs
  4. Loans

Scholarships at Ithaca College

You can apply for the following scholarships at Ithaca College:

  • Ithaca scholarships:
    • Ithaca College Scholarship
    • Ithaca S-STEM Scholar Program
    • Ithaca Leadership Scholar Program Award
    • Ithaca Premier Talent Scholarship
  • Other scholarships:
    • Martin Luther King Scholar Program
    • Park Scholar Program Award
    • Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarships

Ithaca College Financial Aid—Grants

Take a look at this table to learn more about Ithaca College grants:

Grant CategoryGrant Names
Federal Grants
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
  • Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant
NY Resident Grants
  • Ithaca College New York State Tuition Award
  • New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)
Ithaca Grants
  • Ithaca Sibling Grant
  • Ithaca Heritage Grant
  • Ithaca College Grant
  • Ithaca Opportunity Grant (IOG)
  • Ithaca-New York State HEOP Grant
  • W. G. Egbert Grant

Ithaca College Work-Study

Ithaca College Students can seek employment through:

  • The Federal Work-Study Program—for financial aid applicants
  • The Student Employment Office (SEO)—for students who didn’t receive or apply for Federal Work-Study

Loans at Ithaca College

If other financial aid types aren’t enough to cover the tuition and attendance costs, you can opt for one of the following loaning options at Ithaca College:

  • Federal Direct Loans
  • Graduate Direct PLUS Loans
  • Parent Direct PLUS Loans

If you decide to take out a private loan, submit your loan approval and request for certification from the lender to the Ithaca College Financial Aid Office as soon as possible so the staff members can process and include it on your billing statement.

How To Apply for Ithaca College Financial Aid

To apply for financial aid, Ithaca College requires prospective students to complete the following forms:

The deadline for early decision applicants for new students is November 1st. Regular admission and early action applicants should submit their applications by January 15th. FAFSA applications start on October 1st each year for the next academic year.

What Can I Do if Ithaca College Offers Insufficient Financial Aid?

If the offer you received from Ithaca College doesn’t cover enough of your tuition and attendance expenses, you can appeal the school’s decision. The easiest way to do this is to write an appeal letter, and we can help you with that! to get more financial aid from Ithaca College in no time!

Get More Financial Aid From Ithaca College With DoNotPay

DoNotPay can generate a custom financial aid appeal letter you can use to get more aid from Ithaca College, and the process takes only three steps:

  1. in any web browser
  2. Search for Appeal for More Financial Aid
  3. Answer a few brief questions about your financial aid application, the response you got from Ithaca College, and offers you received from other schools, if any

After you complete all steps, all you need to do is select whether you want us to send the letter to Ithaca College on your behalf.

If you need more guidance, we answered some of the most common financial aid questions in our learning center, including:

Alternatives to Ithaca College

In case the worst happens and Ithaca College rejects your financial aid application, it’s always good to have a backup plan. Check out some of the most popular U.S. schools and their financial aid programs we wrote about:

Yale University Financial AidColumbia University Financial AidUniversity of California, Los Angeles Financial Aid
Purdue University Financial AidUniversity of California, Santa Cruz Financial AidUniversity of California, Davis Financial Aid
Harvard University Financial AidPrinceton University Financial AidStanford University Financial Aid
MIT Financial AidCornell University Financial AidRutgers University Financial Aid
University of California, Berkeley Financial AidNew York University Financial AidUniversity of California San Diego Financial Aid

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