Applying for Duke Financial Aid Has Never Been Simpler!

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The Essential Info About Applying for Duke Financial Aid

Duke University, established in 1838, is one of the most popular universities in the U.S. Enrolling at this private research university can cost you around $58,031. If you’re looking for a way to avoid this whopping amount, we’re happy to show you how! By applying for Duke financial aid, you can make your education less expensive.

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Duke University—Financial Aid Types

Before applying for aid, you should get informed and learn all there is to know about the different types of financial aid available.

There are several financial aid types Duke University offers to both undergraduate and graduate students. Consult the list below for more details:

  1. Grants
  2. Loans
  3. Scholarships
  4. Work-Study programs
Financial Aid TypeHow It WorksPrograms
GrantsYou can borrow money to cover the expenses of your studies without having to repay it later. The money you borrow is either federal, institutional, or state-funded support
  • Federal Grants
  • Pell grants
  • Other federal grants
LoansLoans are the money you borrow but have to repay after a certain period of time
  • Student loan aid
  • Federal student loans
  • Other student loans
ScholarshipsDuke University awards scholarships to:
  • Students who make a satisfactory academic progress
  • Students in financial need who are eligible
  • State/local government scholarships
  • Institutional scholarships
Work-StudyWork-Study programs allow students who apply to work part-time jobs while studying. That way, they can use the money they earn to pay the college expenses
  • On-campus
  • Off-campus

Duke University determines the amount of a student loan based on students’ family income. Check out the table below for the specifics:

IncomeLoan Amount
$40,001 & $55,000$2,000
$55,001 & $70,000$3,000
$70,001 & $85,000$4,000
Over $85,001$5,000

Duke Financial Aid Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Duke financial aid, students have to meet certain general eligibility criteria, such as:

  • Being a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen
  • Making satisfactory academic progress toward their degree
  • Enrolling in classes each semester

There is a specific number of courses students have to complete to keep receiving financial aid. Undergraduates have to complete a minimum of three courses per term to stay eligible for university scholarships. To stay qualified for federal aid, Federal Work-Study, and Federal Direct loans, students have to enroll in at least two-course units. As for The Federal Pell Grant program, students will have to complete three courses to receive a full-time grant.

How To Apply for Duke University Financial Aid

Both undergraduate and graduate students have to fill out and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for aid. Duke University will use the application to see student’s financial circumstances and decide who is eligible for financial aid and how much aid a student should receive.

Undergraduate students are also required to submit the following when applying for financial aid:

Depending on the financial aid type you want to apply for, you may need to provide additional paperwork. For the most accurate info, visit the Duke University official website and look for the details you need. While you’re there, you can also check when to apply for financial aid and how long you can keep getting aid, depending on the program you choose.

How Can I Contact the Duke University Financial Aid Office?

If you have any questions about financial aid or your application, you can contact the Duke financial aid office in one of several ways. Reach out to Duke financial aid office via:

  1. Phone by dialing (919) 684-6225
  2. Mail by sending a letter to the following address: The Karsh Office of Undergraduate Financial Support, Box 90397, Durham, North Carolina 27708
  3. Fax by composing and sending a fax to (919) 660-9811
  4. Email at

Learn How To Appeal a Rejected Duke Financial Aid Application With DoNotPay

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