Everything You Should Know About Clark University Financial Aid

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Decoding the Clark University Financial Aid Programs

Coping with expensive tuition can make studying at Clark University difficult unless you opt for one of the available financial aid options. 85% of students get this kind of support, which helps them cover college-related expenses and makes their education more affordable.

Do you want to get familiar with the way Clark University financial aid functions? We’ve got you covered! In this article, you will find the latest information about the application process and discover the simplest way to appeal a disappointing financial aid sum and get more funds!

What Financial Aid Options Does Clark University Offer?

All financial support programs available at Clark University belong to one of the two following categories:

  • Need-based financial aid—given based on students’ financial need, which is calculated by assessing their household finances, family income, and tax returns
  • Merit-based financial aid—awarded based on outstanding academic progress or other notable achievements

Below is a table containing more details about each category, including the existing subcategories:

Aid CategorySubcategoriesAvailable Programs
Need-based aidLoans
  • Federal loans:
    • Direct Stafford Loans
  • State loans:
    • Massachusetts No-Interest Student Loans
  • Private/outside loans
  • Institutional grants:
    • Clark University Grants
  • Federal grants:
    • Pell Grants
    • Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants
  • State grants:
    • Massachusetts Gilbert Grants
    • Non-Massachusetts State Grants
Work-studyVary depending on the available job selection
Merit-based aidRegular scholarships
  • Presidential LEEP Scholarships
  • Global Scholars Program Scholarships
  • Jonas Clark Scholarships
  • Richard Traina Scholarships
  • Segal AmeriCorps Scholarships
  • Robert Goddard Scholarships
  • Yellow Ribbon Program for Veterans
  • Tuition Exchange Scholarships
International scholarships
  • International Traina Transfer Scholarships
  • International Achievement Transfer Scholarships
  • International Jonas Clark Transfer Scholarships

What Does Applying for Financial Aid at Clark College Look Like?

Whichever financial aid scheme you opt for, the next step is to file an application. This process must be re-done annually to keep receiving support funds.

Here’s a short checklist of all phases you must go through during this procedure:

  1. Fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)—Make sure you check the submission deadlines for the specific academic year and send the form timely. FAFSA usually becomes available on October 1, and the application time frame ends on January 15 (or May 15 for transfer students). This document is crucial for determining your eligibility/financial need. You can complete it online or fill out the printed version and submit it via mail
  2. Complete your CSS Profile—This form can be found on the official College Board website. You don’t need to fill it out if you are applying for federal financial support only, but it’s necessary for state and institutional need-based programs
  3. Submit additional forms if necessary—If some pieces of information provided in your FAFSA are unclear or incomplete, the university can ask you to submit supporting documentation
  4. Re-read your Student Aid Report (SAR) and search for possible mistakes—You will receive a summary of your FAFSA responses by email/mail soon after submitting your application. Revise the details provided and check if there are any errors, as each incorrect piece of information may decrease your chances of getting a reasonable aid amount

Clark University Financial Aid Office Contact Details

The financial aid office of Clark University can answer all your additional queries related to your application. To contact the support team, use one of the following methods:

  • Call them at (508) 793-7478
  • Fax your inquiry to (508) 793-8802
  • Send an email to finaid@clarku.edu
  • Make an in-person appointment and visit the office at:

Clark University

Office of Financial Assistance

950 Main Street

Worcester, MA 01610

What Happens After the College Receives Your Request?

The Clark University financial aid office will process your application, ensure that all the responses contain accurate info, and make a decision. The team will inform you about the outcome via an official letter.

The results may be the following:

  • The university approves your request and offers you a specific amount you are happy with. In this case, all you should do is accept the offer and wait for the disbursement dates
  • The college approves your request but awards a sum that isn’t big enough for all your education costs. You can try to change the team’s mind by submitting an appeal letter yourself or to have it done
  • The institution rejects your request. Besides appealing its decision, you can always turn to other offers if you got any. We prepared some useful articles explaining financial aid propositions at various colleges and graduate schools, such as:
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