Bloomingdale’s Check of the Gift Card Balance in a Few Easy Steps

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Bloomingdale’s—Check Your Gift Card Balance and Collect the Remaining Amount

Gift cards make the best gifts—both to give and receive—and Bloomingdale’s gift certificates are among the most popular ones.

What happens if you buy everything you need or like but still have some leftover cash on your card? It would be such a waste to throw that money away, yet the remaining amount may be too low to purchase anything else.

If you’re running out of ideas on what to do with your Bloomingdale’s gift card, we got you covered! Follow this in-depth guide to figure out Bloomingdale’s check-the-gift-card-balance process and learn to get cash from your card effortlessly with the help of !

Bloomingdale’s Gift Card Balance Check Made Simple

You can conduct a gift card balance check in a few ways:

Can You Check Gift Card Balance ViaYes/No
In personYes
Contact formNo

Bloomingdale’s Gift Card Balance Check on the Website

If you’re looking for the most convenient way to check your Bloomingdale’s gift card balance, choose the online option. All you have to do is:

  1. Open the Gift Card Balance page
  2. Remove the scratch-off tab from your card (if you haven’t already)
  3. Enter the 18- or 19-digit number on the back of your card
  4. Click View Balance

How To Check Your Balance Over the Phone

You can always check the remaining amount on your gift card by:

  1. Calling Bloomingdale’s at 1 800 511 2752
  2. Explaining why you’re calling
  3. Providing the representative with the requested information

The Bloomingdale’s gift card department is available Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. ET and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET.

Bloomingdale’s—Check the Gift Card Balance in Person

If you’re near a Bloomingdale’s store and you prefer to get things done face to face, you can check your gift card’s balance by:

  • Asking a staff member to check your balance
  • Scanning the barcode at a price checker terminal

Be aware that Bloomingdale’s can’t scan codes from mobile devices, so you’ll need to have a printed version of the gift card with you.

Luckily, Bloomingdale’s gift cards don’t have an expiration date. Even if your gift card is old, you can return it for cash.

How Can I Use Bloomingdale’s Gift Cards?

Whether you have an e-card or a paper gift card, you can use it online or at any Bloomingdale’s store. The same applies if you want to use the remaining balance on your card.

If you choose to use it online, you’ll have to enter your card information on the Payment & Billing page.

In case you have an e-card that you wish to use in a store, you’ll have to:

  1. Click Get Barcode in the email with your card info
  2. Print the page
  3. Take the printed page with you to the store and present it when paying

Many people wonder whether they can use their Bloomingdale’s gift card at Macy’s—Bloomingdale’s parent company. The answer is no. If you don’t want to use your card at the designated store, you can try exchanging or selling it.

Am I Eligible for Bloomingdale’s Cash Back for My Gift Card?

Bloomingdale’s doesn’t offer cash back for your gift cards unless required by law. It can’t be applied as credit or payment to any credit card account either.

DoNotPay knows the cash back laws by state, and we will help you get the money back in no time! Puerto Rico and 11 U.S. states mandate merchants to return the leftover funds from gift cards to the holder. If your state doesn’t, DoNotPay can help you collect your money in a few clicks.

When There’s No Way To Get Cash Back, DoNotPay Makes One

To get the remaining funds on your Bloomingdale’s gift card effortlessly, let DoNotPay take charge. Regardless of the type of card you have, or whether it is used or not, you can turn it to cash with the help of DoNotPay! All you have to do is:

  1. Select our Gift Card Cash Back feature
  2. Provide the requested information (company name, remaining balance, and card number)

We’ll check your local cash back laws and send the request to Bloomingdale’s on your behalf. In case your state did not pass the necessary law, we’ll direct your demand to a Bloomingdale’s office in one of the states that did. Sit back and relax—you’ll receive cash or check by mail in 14 days.

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