Everything You Wanted To Know Brandeis Financial Aid

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What Everyone Should Know About Brandeis Financial Aid

With an amazing reputation due to quality degree programs, Brandeis University is a dream come true for many future freshmen. Sadly, being a private institution, this college requires you to set aside a huge amount per academic year. Since working full-time to finance your education and studying at the same time isn’t always practicable, you can turn to specific financial aid programs offered by the university.

All the information you read may be too overwhelming or difficult to keep up with, but our guide can help you avoid confusion! Learn how to apply for Brandeis financial aid easily, what the evaluation process looks like, and how helps you file an appeal.

Available Types of Financial Aid at Brandeis University

Like most private universities, Brandeis has a variety of federal and institution-specific financial aid programs in store. Here’s a short overview of the support schemes you can apply for if you want to attend this college:

  • Grants (non-repayable), such as:
    • Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund Grant I (CARES Act)
    • Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund Grant II (CRRSAA)
    • Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund Grant III
    • Book Vouchers and Health Insurance Grants for Undergraduate Students
    • Laptop Grants for Undergraduate Students
  • Scholarships (non-repayable), including:
    • Brandeis-Sponsored Merit Scholarships
    • Brandeis-Sponsored National Merit Scholarships
    • Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarships
    • Malkin Israeli Endowed Scholarships
    • Wien International Scholarships
    • Yellow Ribbon Program Scholarships
  • Student loans (repayable) such as:
    • Direct Parent PLUS Loans
    • Direct Graduate PLUS Loans
  • Student employment options:
    • Federal work-study program
    • University Employment
  • Other institutional financial aid programs, including:
    • Brandeis Emergency Fund
    • Private College 529 Plan

The Brandeis University Financial Aid Application Explained

The purpose of the following table is to show you how the financial aid application process works at Brandeis University:

Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) formThe first and crucial step towards a successful financial aid application is filing the FAFSA form. This form should be completed with the info regarding your education, income, and financial possibilities. When listing the colleges you are interested in, you must add the university’s Federal School Code—002133. It’s the only form required if you are interested in federal financial aid programs exclusively. You must submit it by the specific deadline each year
Completing your CSS/Financial Aid ProfileThis step is necessary when, besides federal aid, you want to qualify for institutional financial aid schemes as well. It can be submitted online, and upon sending it, you should receive a PROFILE Acknowledgment
Provide additional documentation if necessarySome student groups may need to submit more than FAFSA or CSS Profile. To check what documents are needed for your particular category, visit the Application Requirements page on the university’s website.

Depending on your group, you may need:

  • Tax income returns
  • Business returns
  • Non-custodial PROFILE
Waiting for the university to estimate your qualificationsThe Brandeis financial aid office will consider your forms and documents and calculate your financial need. Once the team gets the total amount that can be awarded to you, you will receive an official letter from them with an offer

What Should You Do if You Didn’t Get an Offer You Were Hoping For?

What can you do if you receive a letter from Brandeis University but realize you need more money to pay for all your education costs? You don’t need to start considering other colleges right away or lose hope because you can try to appeal the decision.

The process includes the following steps:

  1. Composing an appeal letter describing your financial situation and explaining all the reasons why you should receive a larger amount
  2. Listing the offers you got from other colleges you applied for
  3. Mailing the letter to the financial aid office and waiting for the team to reconsider your case

If you still don’t manage to get what you expected, there’s a bunch of other colleges whose support programs you can consider. Check out the following guides from our knowledge base to get a better understanding of the financial aid propositions:

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