What Should You Know About the Bakersfield College Financial Aid Program?

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Bakersfield College Financial Aid From A to Z

Is Bakersfield College your preferred place to start your higher education, but you feel like you can’t cover all the costs? Don’t despair—this is a problem most students are facing. All you should do is have a look at the available financial aid programs offered by the institution and apply for them within proposed deadlines.

How to apply for Bakersfield College financial aid? When? What do you need for your application? When will you receive the money if you are selected? Look for the answers to these questions in our article!

Eligibility Criteria for Financial Aid at Bakersfield College

The financial aid application procedure at Bakersfield College starts with completing a specific form that will help the college estimate your financial need. Depending on your student group and a few other criteria, you will need to fill out the:

The table that follows shows the qualification criteria for both forms:

To Qualify for FAFSA, You Must:To Qualify for CADAA, You Must:
  • Belong to one of the following categories:
    • U.S. citizens
    • U.S. nationals
    • Eligible non-citizens
    • Permanent residents
  • Have a high school or GED diploma
  • Be accepted as a regular student at this institution
  • Possess a valid Social Security card
  • Keep solid academic progress
  • Repay all your previous student loan debts
  • Be registered with Selective Service—for male candidates only
  • Be an international/undocumented AB-540 student
  • Have a minimum of three completed years at any California high school
  • Go through one of the following scenarios:
    • Graduate from any California high school
    • Take the California High School Proficiency Exam
    • Obtain a GED diploma in California
  • Fill out an affidavit stating that you will file/have already filed for immigrant status

You must submit these forms each school year to qualify for a new annual round of financial aid.

Another important aspect is deadlines as your application must be filed within the proposed time frame. Here are some important dates you should consider if requesting financial support at Bakersfield College:

  • October 1—FAFSA and CADAA for the next year become available
  • February 1—Scholarship application deadline
  • March 2—Cal Grant deadline
  • May 1—Priority document deadline

Award letters containing the college’s decision are sent in July.

Offered Bakersfield College Financial Aid Types

By submitting a FAFSA/CADAA form, you get considered for most available financial aid programs at Bakersfield College. The institution provides two types of support schemes:

  1. Non-need-based financial aid
  2. Need-based financial aid

Here is the table with more details:

Non-Need-Based Financial AidNeed-Based Financial Aid
  • Scholarships
  • Private loans
  • Federal Parent PLUS Loans
  • Federal Stafford Unsubsidized Loans
  • State grants
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal work-study programs
  • Federal Stafford Subsidized Loans
  • Fee waivers
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

Not all the listed programs may be available for all student groups. You can check the applicable schemes for each category by exploring the institution’s website or contacting the support team.

What Happens After You Complete Your FAFSA/CADAA?

Here are the steps following your application submission:

  1. Read through your Student Aid Report (SAR)—You must do this to prevent any potential mistakes in your FAFSA form. If you notice incorrect information or any errors, the form needs to be resubmitted as soon as possible
  2. Wait for the college to make a decision—The Bakersfield College financial aid office will assess your financial need by considering your Cost of Attendance (COA) and the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Once the amount you should receive is calculated, the institution will send you an official offer via mail
  3. Revise the offer—If you requested financial aid from multiple colleges, compare the offer you got from Bakersfield College to the others and determine the most favorable solution
  4. File an appeal if you aren’t satisfied with the outcome to get more money—If you don’t want to give up on Bakersfield College because of a low financial aid amount, try appealing its decision. Compose an appeal letter elaborating on the reasons for your application and describing all financial issues that make your EFC lower. Don’t forget to include an overview of other, more generous offers you received from other colleges you applied for. If you aren’t too skilled at writing such a document, and have it generated in a few clicks

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  5. Disclose a few basic details about yourself, your household, and your finances

The best part is that you can use this procedure to appeal the decision of any college or graduate school, including the ones listed in the following table:

University of California San Diego Financial AidRutgers University Financial AidStanford University Financial Aid
New York University Financial AidUniversity of California, Los Angeles Financial AidUniversity of California, Davis Financial Aid
Cornell University Financial AidPrinceton University Financial AidUniversity of California, Santa Cruz Financial Aid
MIT Financial AidUniversity of California, Berkeley Financial AidColumbia University Financial Aid
Harvard University Financial AidPurdue University Financial AidYale University Financial Aid

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