The What, the Where, and the Why of the Arizona Homeschool Affidavit

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What Is the Arizona Homeschool Affidavit, and How Do You Complete It?

If you’re currently in the beautiful Grand Canyon State wondering whether you should homeschool your kids, allow us to chime in. Our overview of the Arizona Homeschool Affidavit provides the necessary insight into the state-required document. We’ll let you know why you need it, where you can get it, and how to fill it out in a few easy steps. , and never worry about paperwork again!

Arizona Homeschool Laws in Summary

Arizona recognizes homeschooling as a form of non-public education conducted by a parent, guardian, or a third party. The person in charge of homeschooling is required to teach the following subjects:

  • Grammar (reading, writing, spelling)
  • Science
  • Math
  • Social studies

Apart from the obligatory lessons, you’re free to use any materials you wish. You can also base your curriculum on your religious beliefs (e.g., Christian), the child’s learning disabilities (e.g., dyslexia), and other parameters.

The state law doesn’t have any minimum requirement for the number of homeschooling hours per year. You also don’t have to create a homeschool portfolio unless you need it for a personal record.

Your child won’t have to take standardized tests since there are many alternative solutions for families who teach at home. You can inquire about evaluation methods with your homeschool co-op or homeschool organizations like Arizona Families for Home Education (AFHE).

If your child is already enrolled in a public or private school, you can still switch to homeschooling. Arizona homeschool laws don’t impose any procedures—you can do it midway through the school year if you so wish. Make sure to let the principal and school administration know about your decision and file the proper paperwork.

How To Start Homeschooling—The Arizona Homeschool Affidavit

To get started with homeschooling, you need to compose a declaration of intent to homeschool, otherwise known as an affidavit.

You can download the form using:

  1. The official AFHE website
  2. The Arizona Department of Education web page
  3. DoNotPay’s Notice of Intent to Homeschool product

Following the Arizona state law, the document must be:

  • Notarized
  • Sent to the County School Superintendent
  • Filed within 30 days after homeschool enrollment

The compulsory age for education in Arizona is from six to 16 years. If your child is older/ younger than the designated age, you don’t have to fill in a homeschool affidavit.

You’re free to homeschool your child before they turn six or even delay their education for a couple of years. If you want to postpone school, you still have to file an Arizona homeschool affidavit on your child’s sixth birthday.

What To Include in a Homeschool Affidavit (AZ)

The Grand Canyon State makes homeschooling easy when it comes to filling out paperwork. You only need to provide rudimentary information about yourself and your child.

Here’s what to include in a homeschool affidavit (AZ):

Type of InformationYes/No
Homeschooled student informationYes. You need to provide the following information when filling out an Arizona homeschool affidavit:
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Current place of residence
School districtYes, since you’ll be sending it to the local County School Superintendent
Parent/ guardian informationYes. You should include your current address and contact information (phone number) in the form
Curriculum detailsNo, you’re not obligated to specify the details of the homeschool curriculum when completing the affidavit
Additional informationArizona Families for Home Education (AFHE) advises parents not to include unnecessary information in the homeschool affidavit.

You don’t have to provide a transcript, a list of homeschool costs, or the name of the homeschool teacher you hired. It’s best to stick to the basic requirements (name, date of birth, address)

Parents who plan on homeschooling in Maricopa County (AZ) need to enclose proof of their child’s identity when registering. The County School Superintendent accepts the following documents as verification:

  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate that’s been notarized by competent authorities
  • The child’s baptismal certificate
  • A Social Security number application

Where To File Your Arizona Homeschool Affidavit

Once you fill out the homeschool affidavit (AZ), you need to forward it to the County School Superintendent. Depending on where you live, the procedure may differ.

If you want to start homeschooling in Maricopa County (AZ), for example, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Arizona homeschool affidavit
  2. Print out the document and have it notarized
  3. Attach a copy of the birth certificate or other proof of identity
  4. Mail the envelope to the district superintendent at 4041 N. Central Ave., Suite 1200, Phoenix, AZ 85012

In some counties, you can also make an appointment to deliver the declaration of intent in person.

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