Handle Notarization Without Visiting a Notary Public in Syracuse, NY

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Don’t Bother Visiting a Notary Public in Syracuse, NY!

Getting your affidavit, car title, bill of sale, and other contracts notarized can be a stressful process. Besides having to prepare all the documents, you also need to waste time searching for a notary and going to his or her office. Luckily, most states—including New York—allow remote online notarization. In this guide, you’ll find out how to connect with an online notary public in Syracuse, NY, and manage document notarization hassle-free.

, and we will help you find a remote notary and have your contracts notarized in less than five minutes!

Ways To Handle Document Notarization in Syracuse, New York

Syracuse citizens can handle document notarization by:

  • Visiting a standard notary—a regular notary performs all notarial acts in his or her office. Your in-person presence is mandatory
  • Booking a meeting with a mobile notary—a traveling notary will also require your in-person presence, but he or she will come to an agreed-upon destination (e.g., your home, office, a coffee shop, and similar)
  • Hiring a notary signing agent—you can hire a notary signing agent if you need to get your loan document notarized
  • Connecting with an online notary—a remote notary public is authorized to perform notarial acts virtually, via an audio-video call

Issues With the Standard Notarization Process

There are three main issues with the traditional notarization method:

Problems With Traditional Notarization


Finding an available notary in your proximity can be challengingWhen searching for a notary, you will lose time:

Ideally, you will find a notary public that doesn’t live too far, but that’s usually not the case. Even if you manage to locate a notary in your area, you still need to schedule a meeting a few days or weeks in advance

The whole process can be time-consumingOnce you set up a meeting with the notary, you need to waste ages completing the following steps:
  1. Gathering your documents
  2. Heading over to the notary’s office
  3. Providing your ID for identity verification
  4. Acknowledging that you’re:
    • Familiar with what’s written in the documents
    • Signing the contracts voluntarily
  5. Waiting until the notary checks your documents to ensure there are no blank spaces or missing pages
  6. Signing the documents in front of the notary public
  7. Paying notary fees
  8. Waiting for the notary’s seal, signature, and certificate
You’re more likely to make a mistakeIf you forget your ID or make any other mistake—such as bringing an incomplete document—you need to reschedule a meeting and wait even longer

Find Out More About Online Notarization and Get Your Contracts Notarized Effortlessly!

Why would you lose time on the standard notarization process if you can deal with contract notarization from the comfort of your home? New York State decided to allow remote notarization as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that all NY residents can deal with document notarization from the comfort of their homes.

The notary you connect with will perform the notarial act and witness your signature via a video call. He or she will provide a digital certificate and place the official electronic signature to complete the notarization.

Most online notarization platforms work with notaries who operate around the clock, which means that you can get your contracts notarized whenever you want.

Need Help Finding a Remote Notary in Syracuse, NY? Rely on DoNoPay!

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use online notary app, DoNotPay should be your choice. We have developed a handy product that can help you find a remote notary and book a meeting in a few clicks.

To use our Notarize Any Document feature, you need to complete these four steps:

  1. Select the Notarize Any Document product
  2. Upload your document
  3. Type in your email address

Open our email and click on the link to set up a meeting with a 24-hour notary.

If you need to draw up a document before getting it notarized, you can use DoNotPay for that as well. We integrated our notary product with the Documents one. Product integration enables you to create numerous documents—such as lease agreements and operating agreements—and get them notarized right away.

You can use our app not only in New York but also in any other state, including:

Syracuse Notary Fees Explained

New York law limits the fees that notaries can charge for notarial acts. Take a look at the following table to find out how much Syracuse notaries can charge for their services:

Notarial ActsMaximum Notary Fees
Jurats$2 each
Oaths and affirmations
Proofs of executions$2 plus $2 for every witness
Protests$0.75 plus $0.10 per notice

Mobile notaries in NYS have the right to charge additional fees to cover their travel expenses. They must negotiate the price with each client before scheduling an appointment.

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