A Notary in Encinitas at Your Disposal

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Visiting a Notary in Encinitas—Is There an Easier Option?

Since you’re looking to get a document notarized in Encinitas, California, you should know that paying a visit to a notary public isn’t your only option. You can avoid the standard in-person notarization altogether and get your documents notarized online without leaving your house!

and learn all there is to know about different notary services!

What Does a Notary in Encinitas Do?

A notary’s main duty is to witness the document signing and provide their signature and stamp to confirm that the signatures are authentic, thus preventing fraud and forgery. Other mandatory tasks included in the notarization process are:

  1. Verifying the signer’s identity
  2. Establishing the signer is aware of document contents and is of sound mind
  3. Ensuring the signer isn’t under the influence of any substances

In some states, notaries can also administer oaths and take acknowledgments.

The Downsides of Seeing a Notary in Encinitas in Person

Although quite common, visiting a notary in person isn’t the easiest way to get a document notarized. The biggest issue with standard notarization is that it can take forever.

Wasting time isn’t the only disadvantage. If you happen to forget to bring any of the documents you want to get notarized, you must restart the whole process and schedule another meeting. The same goes for IDs. Notaries cannot notarize documents if they don’t verify your identity first.

What Can a Notary in Encinitas Notarize?

A notary in Encinitas can perform notarial acts on various documents. Check out the specifics in the table below:

DocumentsOther Documents
  • Commercial leases
  • Memorandums of understanding
  • Employment contracts
  • Mortgage closing documents
  • Property deeds
  • Loan documents
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Construction agreements
  • Vendor contracts

Mobile Notary in Encinitas—Explained

Mobile notaries offer a unique notary service. Instead of receiving you at their office, they travel to the location you choose. From your home to a nearby coffee shop—they will meet you anywhere.

You can find a mobile notary using websites like 123notary.com or Notary.net and contact them to make your appointment.

Keep in mind that mobile notaries charge travel fees, which can get quite expensive. In California, having a mobile notary visit you and notarize your documents can cost you up to $150. They also charge additional fees for excessive waiting times, remote locations, or emergency notarization.

Online Notarization in Encinitas, California

Remote online notarization (RON) became increasingly popular during the COVID-19 outbreak. It is a great way to avoid any health risks related to the virus. A remote notary handles the entire notarization process over a video call and adds a digital stamp and signature. Besides that, many people find getting documents notarized from the comfort of their sofas super convenient. You won’t have to worry about rescheduling your meeting due to minor issues or spend a ton of money on mobile notary travel fees.

Notary in Encinitas—Fees

Notary fees differ throughout the U.S., depending on the state. California’s notary laws and regulations allow standard notaries to charge a maximum fee of $15 per notarial act. If you want to get more than one document notarized, you will have to pay additional fees.

Get Your Documents Notarized Online With DoNotPay Easily!

DoNotPay offers an easy way to schedule a meeting with a remote notary in a few minutes!

If you are worried that you won’t be able to use online notary service because California didn’t pass a remote notary law—don’t be! DoNotPay can help even in the states that don’t allow RON. All you have to do is follow the guide provided below, and we will connect you to an out-of-state notary who will handle the notarization process! Here’s how it works:

  1. Find and select the Notarize Any Document feature
  2. Attach the documents you want to notarize
  3. Give us your email address

Once you finish, we’ll send you a link to a notary appointment timetable, and you can book your meeting quickly!

Since our app is at your disposal 24/7, you don’t have to worry about the notary’s business hours. You can make your appointment any time you want!

DoNotPay Answers All Notary-Related Questions

Are you looking for more info about notary services? Check out the list below for the commonly asked questions that DoNotPay answers:

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