What Is a Notary Bond in California?

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Can a Notary Bond in California Protect You?

Understanding the notarization process can be challenging. Not only do you need to get familiar with different ways you can get your documents notarized, but you should also learn what you could do in case a notary makes a mistake.

Does a notary bond in California provide a safety net for you? to find answers to this and many more notary-related questions and use the most convenient online notary service.

What Is a Notary Bond?

A notary bond protects you from potential financial harm in case a notary public:

  • Makes a mistake or omission
  • Performs a wrongful act when notarizing your document

A surety company that has issued a notary bond guarantees that a notary public will perform his or her duties according to the law. Otherwise, the surety company needs to pay the damages.

Lots of U.S. states require their notaries to get a bond before they start notarizing any documents. Some of these states are:

A surety company will cover the damages up to the bond’s amount that varies from state to state.

The Specifics of a Notary Bond in California

California notaries public must obtain a $15,000 notary bond and keep it for their entire four-year term of office.

A notary cannot perform any notarial acts in California until he or she has both:

  • Taken an oath of office and
  • Filed the notary bond at a local county clerk’s office

Once notaries get the commission certificate, they have 30 days to complete the above-listed steps.

Where To Look for a Notary Public With a California Notary Bond

When you need to get a will, trust, affidavit, real estate deed, or any other document or contract notarized, you will start by searching for a notary.

You can find a notary on one of the following websites:

  1. California Secretary of State
  2. American Society of Notaries
  3. Notary Rotary
  4. Yelp
  5. Notary.net
  6. 123notary.com
  7. American Association of Notaries

Another option you can explore is to visit places in your neighborhood, such as:

  • Shipping and postal companies, including UPS
  • Police departments
  • Courthouses
  • Law offices
  • Stores, e.g., AAA
  • Libraries
  • Real estate agents
  • Banks or financial institutions, e.g., Wells Fargo or Bank of America

Steps To Take After Finding a Notary

Once you have located a convenient notary, you should:

  1. Get in touch with him or her
  2. Schedule an appointment
  3. Collect the necessary documents
  4. Provide:
    • A current ID document
    • Enough money for the notary fees
  5. Meet with a notary public:
    • In his or her office if you have made an appointment with a traditional notary
    • At a convenient location if you are meeting with a mobile notary
    • Remotely if you have set up an appointment with an online notary

While a mobile notary can notarize your contract or document from a location of your choice, you will have to settle extra travel fees.

What Does a Notary Public Do?

Once notaries take an oath, file a notary public bond in California, and get permission to perform notarial acts, they will go through these steps during a notary service:


Additional Information

Verify your identityA notary public must confirm the identities of all signers. To complete this step smoothly, you should present a valid photo ID, such as your:
  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • ID
Confirm the willingness of all partiesNotaries need to determine that you and any witnesses (if required) are signing the document willingly, i.e., that nobody is forcing you
Determine you understand the documentYou will have to show you are familiar with the contents of the document you are signing
Witness the signing processAs a notary has to be present when you are signing the document, you should not sign the document beforehand
Put a signature and stampYou will know the notarization process is complete once a notary:

to get remote online notarization service in the blink of an eye and to avoid:

  • Paying additional travel fees for a mobile notary
  • Wasting your time and energy on all those unnecessary steps to set up an appointment with a notary public
  • Meeting a notary in-person and putting your health at risk—especially problematic considering the COVID-19 pandemic

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