Understand How the ALDI Return Policy Works

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ALDI Return Policy—Does the Twice as Nice Guarantee Hold True?

ALDI is one of the major supermarket chains operating on a global scale. They are spread out across 36 states in the USA alone—catering to the citizens with over 2,000 ALDI stores!

One of ALDI’s most distinguishing features is their Twice as Nice Guarantee, the terms of which are reflected in ALDI’s return policy. If you get stuck with an unwanted or faulty ALDI item, can assist you with a seamless return experience and help you get a refund.

What Is ALDI’s Return Policy for Food and Other Products?

Several ALDI-exclusive food items are covered by the Twice as Nice Guarantee—meaning you will get both a full refund and a replacement over the product’s quality concerns. To benefit from this guarantee—also called the double guarantee—you must return the product to the local ALDI store manager along with the original receipt. You will also need to return the original packaging and the unused product if any is left.

The following items are excluded from the store’s Twice as Nice Guarantee:

  1. Non-food ALDI Finds products
  2. Alcohol beverages are subject to specific prohibitions or warranty laws by state
  3. Items covered by the manufacturers’ limited warranty depend on the product-specific warranty or instruction manual
  4. Items returned for non-quality issues

ALDI Returns Policy for Computer & Electronic Products

Ever bought a cozy home appliance or a handy-looking gadget, only to change your mind later? We’ve all been there. Dealing with faulty or undesirable electronics right after purchase can be a nightmare. ALDI has a customized and clear-cut policy to cover the return of computers and electronic products—for quality reasons or otherwise.

You can return a defective or unwanted computer or electronic item purchased from ALDI within 90 days of the date of purchase—as appearing on the receipt. For the return to be honored, you must hand over the item with all its contents or components in the original packaging.

What Is the ALDI Return Policy for No Receipt Returns?

If you don’t have the original receipt for the product you wish to return, you won’t get your return refund via the original payment mode. Instead, ALDI will offer you their Merchandise Credit Gift Card—equivalent to the current retail value of the item you returned.

How Can You Initiate a Return With ALDI?

Whether your ALDI purchase is non-functional, flawed, or plain unlikable, you can always initiate the return by yourself. There are multiple ways for you to place a return request at your convenience:

Can You Place a Return Request ViaYes/No
In PersonYes

Making a Return in Person

Follow these steps to make an in-person return for your ALDI purchase:

  • Visit the nearest ALDI store
  • Make sure you bring the receipt with the product set to be returned
  • Reach out to the ALDI store manager or customer support executive for further processing

Placing a Return Request Via Website—For Online Orders

If you purchased an ALDI product online, go through these steps to make a return request:

  • Click on your order history tab and find the accurate order details
  • Go to the Returns section and fill out the details
  • Check your email inbox for instructions on how to complete the return
  • Follow the packaging instructions
  • Carry the package to a UPS-authorized location
  • Sit back and wait for days for actual return processing

Turn Your ALDI Return Into a Stress-Free Experience With DoNotPay

While ALDI’s return policy has a solid structure, following the procedure can be burdensome for certain customers—depending on their location or day-to-day routine. There are unpredictable variables from store to store that can potentially complicate the return proceedings.

DoNotPay aims to squash these variables by taking over the frustrating intricacies of placing a proper return request!

Follow these steps to start your return in under two minutes:

  1. Click on the Item Return Request tab
  2. Answer the basic questions and add visual evidence (if required)
  3. Hit Submit

What Happens After I Place the Return Request With DoNotPay?

Once you submit your return request, DoNotPay generates a custom return request letter and sends it to ALDI quickly. The request includes a deadline to ensure swift processing on the merchant’s end.

DoNotPay also gets the user a return label to enable free-of-charge shipping for the return package, wherever applicable. With DoNotPay, you will have your refund and/or replacement in the quickest way possible!

What if ALDI Ignores or Disputes the Return?

If ALDI fails to process the return request by a specified date, DoNotPay won’t hesitate to step in. With our app’s robust AI-powered features, you can request a chargeback in case of faulty products—all by answering a few of our chatbot’s questions.

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