Bellevue College Financial Aid Portal Explained

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Bellevue College Financial Aid Portal—Learn the Basics

As a public college, Bellevue is considered to be a high education institution with affordable tuition—from $3,866 to $9,246 per year. If you’re struggling to pay it off, you should try applying for student aid at the Bellevue College Financial Aid Portal.

In this web-based app, you will find the info you need to complete your aid application. Although it is convenient and saves time, like any other digital portal, this one is also prone to mistakes. If your Bellevue financial aid application goes south, you can rely on DoNotPay.

Whether you got rejected because of a software issue or the Bellevue College did not see you as an eligible candidate for the aid, our app will help you file an appeal hassle-free. and get your appeal letter in a couple of clicks.

What Is Bellevue College Financial Aid Portal?

Bellevue College financial aid portal is a digital platform created for students who wish to apply for financial aid or learn more about it. This platform includes options for easy access to the FAFSA website, as well as the possibility to follow the status of your financial aid application.

On this portal, you can also find information on how much financial aid you can receive, how to get more aid, and for how many years you can use it.

Types of Student Aid at Bellevue College

If you are applying for financial aid at Bellevue College for the first time, you may get overwhelmed by the numerous aid options. Here are the types of financial aid Bellevue College offers:

  • Grants—Funded by Washington State or the federal government
  • Loans—Also financed by both the federal government and Washington State
  • Work-study programs
  • Scholarships
  • Waivers

Student Grants at Bellevue College Financial Aid Portal

The federal government offers grants for college students all across the U.S. At Bellevue College, you can apply for:

  • Federal Pell Grant—A need-based grant for undergraduate students
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)—Grant reserved for undergraduate students in exceptional need

Bellevue College also awards the Washington College Grant, and it is need-based and meant for undergraduate students. To apply for this grant, you will have to complete and submit either FAFSA or WASFA form.

Aside from that, you might also consider applying for some workforce education grants, such as:

  • BFET (Basic Food Employment & Training)—Reserved for students receiving federal DSHS food assistance
  • Opportunity Grant—Available for students who are Washington State residents and have low income
  • Worker Retraining—Available for veteran students discharged from service in the past 48 months, students on unemployment insurance, active-duty soldiers with separation orders, and students in distress due to a divorce or the death of a spouse in the past 48 months
  • WorkFirst—Reserved for students’ parents who are receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

Bellevue College also offers BC institutional college grants for undergraduate students who are Washington residents.

Bellevue College Loans

On the Bellevue College financial aid portal, you can find two loan options:

  1. Federal Direct Student Loans— subsidized and unsubsidized
  2. Federal Parent Direct PLUS Loan

While college awards Direct Student Loan to eligible undergraduate students with financial needs, Parent Direct PLUS Loan is based on the financial needs of the student’s parents.

Loan NameWho Is Eligible?
Federal Direct Loan—SubsidizedUndergraduate students
Federal Direct Loan—UnsubsidizedUndergraduate, graduate, and professional students
Federal Parent Direct PLUS LoanGraduate and professional students

Work-Study Programs at Bellevue College

The work-study program is also funded by the federal government. This is financial aid that provides students with part-time jobs off and on campus while attending classes. Bellevue College awards this type of aid to Washington residents, and students should not work more than 19 hours a week.

Bellevue College Scholarships

Scholarships are a gift from the college to students, which means you will not have to pay them back like a loan. Bellevue College offers:

  • Washington College Bound Scholarship—Reserved for undergraduate students who are Washington State residents
  • BC Foundation Scholarships— Scholarships available to 192 Bellevue College students and financed from BC foundation

Bellevue College Waiver

Bellevue College waiver is available for specific groups of students. Eligible candidates for this type of financial aid are:

  • Military and navy veterans, members of national guards and other service veterans, as well as their family members
  • Senior citizens
  • Certain state employees
  • Students attending online classes only
  • Students performing arts or playing team sports that are officially recognized as part of co-curricular activities
  • Students approved for residency status in the following three quarters

How To Apply for Aid Through the Bellevue College Financial Aid Portal

To apply for financial aid on the Bellevue College financial aid portal, you will have to take several steps:

  1. Complete FAFSA or WASFA (Washington Application for State Financial Aid). This is something you do for each year you attend Bellevue College
  2. Gather necessary documents—Check Bellevue College Financial Aid Portal to see which documents you need
  3. Submit documents—You can do that online or by mail

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  2. Answer some basic questions

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