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Draft a Virginia Homeschool Notice of Intent in a Flash!

You might have chosen to homeschool your kid for any reason—religion, personal conviction, or bullying problems. Whatever’s behind your decision, you need to get the right information on your state laws so that you can withdraw your kid from school hassle-free.

The process entails some paperwork and preparation. If you’re wondering how to draw up a Virginia homeschool notice of intent, DoNotPay offers relevant info and an efficient solution.

How To Start Homeschooling in Virginia

You need to take the following steps to start homeschooling according to Virginia homeschool laws:

Follow These StepsDetails
Understand your choicesYou can choose to homeschool in Virginia based on the following laws:
Prepare a homeschool notice of intentMake sure you draw up this document in compliance with the requirements since the superintendent of your school district will review all provided information and documents
Take your child out of schoolKeep in mind that you first need to file the notice of intent to your school district to be able to withdraw your kid from school
Prepare a curriculumIf you haven’t already done this when preparing your notice of intent, you should do it before you start homeschooling. Here’s what you can do:
  1. Choose a curriculum from the existing ones
  2. Create one tailored to your child’s learning styles
Begin teachingOnce you’ve submitted a Virginia homeschool notice of intent, you:
  1. Can start teaching your kid
  2. Should connect with homeschool groups, co-ops, and associations to keep up to date with all relevant information

The Specifics of a Notice of Intent To Homeschool in VA

When preparing a Virginia notice of intent to homeschool, you must demonstrate compliance with state laws. The following options are at your disposal:

  • Enclose your:
    • Virginia teacher certification
    • High school diploma or transcript
    • Additional proof that you can provide an adequate education for your child
  • Provide a curriculum or program of study

As soon as you file a Virginia notice of intent to homeschool, your child falsely considered a homeschooled student.

Keep in mind that you:

  • Must file your notice of intent to homeschool by August 15
  • Can start to homeschool at any time, i.e., at the beginning or in the middle of the year

How Detailed Should Your Homeschool Curriculum Be?

You don’t have to supply a comprehensive description of the curriculum to fulfill Virginia laws on homeschooling. A list of subjects you plan to cover with your child will be enough.

Note that:

  • The superintendent of your school district will not assess or approve your curriculum
  • You can provide a curriculum:
    • Together with the notice of intent
    • 30 days after you’ve filed the notice of intent to homeschool (if you haven’t decided on a curriculum at the time of filing)

To find the best homeschool curriculum, consult with other homeschool parents or various organizations supporting home-based education, such as the Virginia Homeschool Convention.

How To Send a Virginia Homeschool Notice of Intent

You should send your notice of intent and additional documentation to your school district’s superintendent using one of the following methods:

  1. Mail it with a return receipt—Send the notice by certified mail with a return receipt to get proof of delivery
  2. File the notice of intent personally—Head to the superintendent’s office, hand-deliver the document, and ask for a signed receipt
  3. Email the notice—You can check if your school district offers an email address or online submission
  4. —Not only do we know the most efficient way to send your notice of intent, but we can generate this document for you without trouble!

Use DoNotPay To Create a Notice of Intent To Homeschool

Our AI-powered app can notify the superintendent of your intent to homeschool on your behalf and take the unnecessary administrative burden off your back. We can also draft the document for you following the appropriate requirements.

All you need to do is provide the essential details. and:

  1. Open the Notice of Intent to Homeschool product
  2. Enter info about yourself, your child, and your school district
  3. Select if you’d like to:
    1. Get the document notarized
    2. Let DoNotPay send the notice of intent to the right address in your stead
    3. Receive the generated letter in PDF format to submit it yourself

Learn How To Homeschool With DoNotPay

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