What To Do When You Get Your Uber Account Banned

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Uber Account Banned—A Simple Guide to Unbanning Your Account

Uber makes cab rides faster and easier, and it also gives drivers flexibility and regular workflow—which is why the app has 110 million users across 80 countries. When you get used to reserving your ride in a few clicks or working as an Uber driver, getting your Uber account banned can be nerve-wracking. Don’t give your hopes up—DoNotPay will reveal how you can recover it!

In this guide, you will learn why Uber bans users in the first place and what steps you need to take to get your account back.

How To Get Banned From Uber

The ride-sharing app gives both drivers and riders the freedom to reserve rides without any contact with the Uber reps. To keep the behavior among its unsupervised users respectful and appropriate, the company has set guidelines for acceptable conduct.

Uber expects its users to read these terms before they start using the app, but if you didn’t do that, you might have unintentionally made a violation.

Breaching any rule from the terms of use or community guidelines can result in a suspension or a permanent ban. Suspension is reserved for minor violations—such as using inappropriate language—while more serious actions will restrict you from using the app forever.

Whether you are a rider or a driver, these are the unacceptable actions that can get you permanently banned:

  1. Committing fraud
  2. Using abusing language or gestures
  3. Having physical contact
  4. Damaging property
  5. Initiating unwanted contact after the ride
  6. Breaking the law

Committing Fraud

If you create an account under someone else’s credentials—including a false phone number and credit card that’s not your own—you’re committing fraud. This violation is unacceptable, and your account will be terminated.

Using Abusive Language or Gestures

Insulting, threatening, harassing, bullying, or initiating any other form of abuse can get your account banned. Hate speech, racism, and aggressive or disrespectful commentary also aren’t allowed. This refers to both abusive gestures and verbal communication.

Physical Contact

There mustn’t be any physical contact between drivers and passengers. That includes touch, sexual relations, and physical assault.

Damaging Property

You must respect the other person's property no matter which seat you’re in. What can get you banned is making violations such as these:

  • Vandalizing a phone
  • Damaging the car
  • Spilling food, drink, or other substances intentionally
  • Smoking in the car
  • Vomiting because of excessive alcohol consumption

Unwanted Contact After the Ride

When the ride is over, any communication between the driver and rider should be over as well. Trying to get in touch by stalking, calling, texting, or visiting the other person is prohibited. This is a violation of someone’s privacy and will result in a ban.

Breaking the Law

Uber users must respect the law while using the app and during the ride. Offenses—such as requesting that the driver breaks traffic laws, driving more passengers than allowed, and committing a crime while using Uber—will get you permanently banned.

How To Get Unbanned From Uber

Most bans and suspensions are delegated based on users’ complaints. These complaints aren’t always true, which can lead to unjust restrictions. If you did nothing to break the rules or you find that the decision to ban your account is too harsh, you can submit an appeal.

The appeal process starts with getting in touch with Uber reps by:

  • Filling the form on the website
  • Dialing (800) 593-7069
  • Making an appointment at a Greenlight Hubs location for in-person support
  • Tweeting your question to Uber Support on Twitter

Be courteous and explain what happened with your account and why you deserve to have it reactivated.

If communicating with customer support isn’t your forté—no worries. You don’t need to get into discussions with Uber reps or start thinking about suing the company because DoNotPay can help you appeal without any hassle.

How Can DoNotPay Help You Get Unbanned From Uber?

Recovering an account can be a long and tiring process—unless you use our nifty app. We can generate a demand letter that will prioritize your case and ensure that Uber doesn’t dismiss your request by default.

If you want to use DoNotPay to unban your account, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to our Unban My Account tool
  2. Answer a few basic questions by:
    1. Typing in the name of the company that banned your account
    2. Stating the date when you got banned
    3. Telling us whether you want a refund
    4. Letting us know if you feel you are being discriminated against

Once you sign the document digitally, we will send it to Uber. You won’t need to wait long for an answer because the reps will have a response deadline.

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