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Is Your PUBG Banned for No Reason? Your Appeal Process Is Smoother With DoNotPay!

In recent months, many players have had their accounts on PUBG banned for no reason. Game developers or platforms often don’t retract bans on accounts, but this time, the company owned up to the bug-induced mistake and set out to make amends. They unbanned all mistakenly restricted accounts in a fairly short time.

If you believe your situation is similar and your account is suspended or banned without justification, here are a few pieces of advice on how to resolve the issue.

if you'd like to quicken your appeal process and receive a response in two weeks.

Why Is My PUBG Banned for No Reason?

The players can often make minor violations of the Terms and Conditions without knowing or noticing. Gaming companies are strict in this respect, and their ban decisions can be based on any unacceptable action stated in their T&C.

Here are some player behavior guidelines you may not have been aware of that can lead to an account ban:

  • Using any software to bypass or monitor the game’s services
  • Making unauthorized changes to the game client, servers, or data
  • Employing cheats, macros, etc. created for other games
  • Using unauthorized hardware devices
  • Taking advantage of the game’s bugs and glitches
  • Forming teams in ways that the PUBG system does not allow
  • Stalking other players
  • Manipulating game results by paying to gain an unfair advantage
  • Creating inappropriate, vulgar, obscene, discriminatory, offensive, copyright-protected, or misleading nicknames
  • Using inappropriate language, such as profanity, insults, or any form of verbal abuse (belittlement, mockery, or criticism of specific regions, religions, races, disabled people, etc.)
  • Obstructing normal communication on chat channels by flooding them with excessive and/or repetitive content
  • Selling accounts without PUBG’s approval
  • Generating profit via game’s services without PUBG’s approval
  • Attempting any form of account, cash, or in-kind transactions through a nickname
  • Copying, duplicating, modifying, translating, publishing, or otherwise providing the information obtained through the game to others without approval from PUBG
  • Using your account for activities not related to the game, such as advertising, promotion, sales, or making a profit

How Can PUBG Get Unbanned?

Wondering if you can appeal your suspension or ban and what’s the best way to get unbanned?

Unlike Steam, Xbox, or PlayStation that do not acknowledge appeals against account bans, PUBG differentiates between temporary and permanent bans. If the potential misconduct the system recorded wasn’t a serious violation of T&C, you should be able to get your account back relatively quickly.

Whether you play on a mobile device, PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, the go-to way to contact PBUG support is via a ticket.

If you are playing on a mobile device, your app will offer a link for filing a claim. In case you are playing on your PC or any of the consoles, the easiest way to open a support ticket is to:

  1. Visit the official PUBG website
  2. Hover over the Support drop-down menu
  3. Choose the platform on which you got banned from PUBG
  4. Find the Submit a ticket link in the upper right corner
  5. Fill out the required data in the contact form
  6. Click on Submit

You Got Banned From PUBG for No Reason? Rely on DoNotPay To Make Your Complaint Top Priority for PUBG Support!

Going about your banned account complaint through the customer support system can be frustrating. Yes, gaming companies have millions of users, and you have to wait for days on end for a resolution.

DoNotPay’s Unban Gaming Account tool can help you push PUBG’s support to process your complaint letter sooner.

We create an effective unban demand driving the company to prioritize your case and reply within a two-week deadline.

Here’s how you can use the Unban Gaming Account tool to your advantage:

  1. and tap Unban Gaming Account
  2. Answer several questions regarding your PUBG-related problem, like:
    1. Your ID and other account information
    2. When your account got banned
    3. Whether you made any payments to the company and whether you want a refund
  3. Let us know if you feel you are being discriminated against (on the basis of religion, gender, race, etc.)

Our app will create a personalized complaint letter and send it to PUBG Corporation immediately.

DoNotPay Is Here To Help With Bans and Suspensions Regardless of the Platform

Besides PUBG, DoNotPay can help you appeal against bans in various other games, such as:

With our Unban My Account tool, you can appeal suspensions or bans on social media, online shopping, and many other platforms. Check out the table below for further details:

How To Get Unbanned on OmegleBanned From TwitterHow To Get Unbanned From Tinder
Banned From TikTokBanned From FacebookAmazon Suspension Appeal
PlayStation Account SuspendedYouTube Account SuspendedXbox One Account Banned
Pinterest Account SuspendedBanned From InstagramReddit Account Suspended
Google Account SuspensionUber Account SuspendedSteam Account Banned

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