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Here’s What To Do if You Got Overwatch-Banned for No Reason

Was your account on Overwatch banned for no reason? It’s frustrating to find your account suspended or banned, especially when you believe you haven’t done anything to provoke that.

Small mistakes in online conduct can slip by without you noticing, though. As they pile up, you can get banned, but the good news is that it's a solvable problem in most cases.

Blizzard has a support section you can use to appeal your suspension or ban.

If you’d like to speed things up, and submit an appeal with our new tool—Unban Gaming Account. Our service can make sure you don’t wait for weeks to get a response.

Overwatch Account Banned—The Potential Reasons

Overwatch is distributed via Blizzard Entertainment’s platform, so all Blizzard’s player conduct policies apply.

These policies refer to players’ behavior, and if a user violates any of the rules, others can report them. Reports regarding the following aspects can lead up to a suspension or a ban:

  1. Communication—Vulgar, offensive, discriminatory, or any inappropriate language aimed at harassing or threatening other players. These rules apply to chat, voice communication, or group finder
  2. Naming—All customizable names (player names, Battle tag, or guild names) must be formulated so as not to be offensive or inappropriate. Any offending account will be suspended or banned and the controversial name changed. Role-playing servers might have different standards when deciding if a name is inappropriate
  3. Cheating—All actions giving you an unfair and unearned advantage over other players, such as using third-party programs for automation, exploiting bugs, or sharing the account, will result in a ban. Even stricter penalties await you if you are scamming, account sharing, or win-trading
  4. Behavior—Any behavior intended to ruin the experience for other players is expected to be reported and penalized. False reports are also subject to penalties

The Steps To Take if Your Overwatch Account Is Banned

Blizzard's website states that if your account got suspended or banned, you should have received an email about the violation you committed. In case your account got hacked, which led to the ban, the company will provide the instructions to secure your account.

If you have problems with your Overwatch competitive account, the bans and suspensions can’t be appealed.

To appeal a ban on a regular account, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to Blizzard’s homepage
  2. Click Support and then choose Contact Support
  3. Close the pop-up and choose Account, App & Shop Support icon
  4. Fill out the Tell us about the issue form or choose to categorize the issue and follow this path:
    1. Account
    2. Can’t log in
    3. Appeal ban or suspension
    4. Contact us
  5. Click Can’t log in?
  6. Select My Account is locked
  7. Type in your email address and click Continue, or go straight for Contact Customer Support and then provide your email address and other data they might request

Once you submit a ticket, there is a waiting period before you receive a reply. If you’ve received a final response, the company will ignore your subsequent appeals, and there are no actions you can take against this decision.

Overwatch Account Banned for No Reason? Customer Support Unresponsive? Act Quickly With DoNotPay!

Contacting customer support to complain is often unproductive.

Is there a more efficient way to get unbanned from Overwatch?

DoNotPay can help you get unbanned by putting some pressure on the company handling your gaming account.

Our Unban Gaming Account tool is designed to collect your account information, compose a strong demand letter, and send it to any platform, including:

This will prompt them to prioritize your complaint instead of ignoring it, which is not rare.

Here’s all you need to do to speed up your appeal process:

  1. and click Unban Gaming Account
  2. Answer a few questions to let us know:
    1. What your account details are
    2. When the problem occurred
    3. Whether you made any payments towards the platform and whether you’d like them to be refunded
  3. Pick the corresponding option from our list to let us know if you feel discriminated against (discrimination based on race, gender, religion, etc.)

With this info, we will create a comprehensive demand letter and send it to the platform with a two-week deadline to unban your account or provide additional details.

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