How To Return DirecTV Equipment Hassle-Free With DoNotPay’s Help

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Discover How To Return DirecTV Equipment the Easy Way

Have you changed or canceled a DirecTV service and want to return unnecessary equipment? Returning DirecTV devices often leads to waves of confusion. Users have trouble understanding the company’s return policy, and customer service representatives are not always helpful. Use DoNotPay to learn how to return DirecTV equipment effortlessly and convert the painful return process into a five-finger exercise!

Learn How To Return Equipment to DirecTV

When you activated the DirecTV service, you accepted the terms and conditions and agreed to return their products. If you do not return them within 21 days of the change or disconnect date, the company may charge you up to $45 per standard receiver or $135 per DVR. Avoid the charges by returning all the items the right way, including:

  • DirecTV receivers
  • Remote controls
  • Wireless access point

After changing or canceling the service, DirecTV should have sent you a letter or an email letting you know which pieces of equipment you should send back. If you have not received it, call customer service at 800-531-5000. Based on what they tell you, follow one of the return procedures below.

Return DirecTV Equipment With FedEx or UPS

If they ask you to use FedEx or UPS, the return process is supposedly simple—you do not even have to pack your equipment. Here’s how it goes:

  1. You bring your devices and account number to a FedEx Office or a UPS Store
  2. They send them back at no charge
  3. You get a return confirmation receipt

If you cannot find your account number, look it up on any DirecTV bill.

Delivery companies sometimes lose packages—we suggest that you track your FedEx package or UPS shipment to make sure it arrives safely. If DirecTV does not receive it on time, you can get charged—see what to do if UPS does not deliver a package or FedEx is taking too long to deliver!

How To Return DirecTV Boxes Using the Return Kit

If customer service directs you to the website, you will have to request a recovery kit—a box for your devices and detailed instructions on how to return the DirecTV box. The process includes:

  1. Packing up all the pieces of equipment
  2. Attaching the DirecTV return shipping label
  3. Handing the kit to your mail carrier or dropping it off at a USPS office

We also recommend tracking the package to avoid unwanted charges if it does not reach its destination!

How To Return DirecTV Devices With a Label From a New Equipment Box

If you signed up for a new DirecTV service, use the materials from its box to pack up the old pieces of equipment. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Tear off the bottom tab on the prepaid DirecTV return shipping label
  2. Attach it over the original labels
  3. Drop the parcel off at a post office or a FedEx location
Can You Initiate a DirecTV Return Request ViaYes/No
DirecTV WebsiteYes
In PersonNo

How To Return DirecTV Equipment the Easy Way—Use DoNotPay!

Avoid all the fuss of going through dozens of steps with the help of DoNotPay’s feature! We can make the DirecTV return process smoother—follow our simple steps:

  1. using any web browser
  2. Locate Item Return Request
  3. Provide responses to several questions
  4. Include photos if necessary
  5. Submit your request

Done! DoNotPay will use the information from your request to write a letter to DirecTV on your behalf and add a deadline so that they process the request on time. We will also get you a return label and allow you to send the package back free of charge!

If you are returning DirecTV equipment because of a service change, DoNotPay can assist you in lowering your DirecTV bill once you start using the new service. If the new package does not meet your requirements, use DoNotPay to cancel DirecTV in no time! You can also go straight for its owner and cancel AT&T.

DoNotPay Can Help You Return Items to Other Sellers!

Our guides provide the ins and outs of many companies’ return policies—check them out for additional information:


Dissatisfied With DirecTV Services? Request a Refund With DoNotPay!

The world’s first AI Consumer Champion is here to guide you through the refund process, too! DoNotPay can help you get a:

Demand your money back effortlessly by taking the following steps:

  1. via any web browser
  2. Click on File a Chargeback
  3. Tap Get Protected
  4. Answer several questions
  5. Sign and Submit

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