How To Get AT&T Refunds

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What AT&T Refunds Are Available and How To Get Them

AT&T Inc. is an American telecommunications company providing fixed and mobile telephone services, on-demand TV, and internet. By 2019, they had amassed about 170 million wireless subscribers.

Given the sheer size of the company, the scope of services it provides, and the number of subscribers, it is not surprising that the company sometimes fails to meet everybody’s expectations and cater to their needs. The good news is—AT&T offers refunds, too.

Read on if you would like to learn more about the AT&T refund policies.

What Refunds Does AT&T Give?

When it comes to refunds, AT&T offers them in the following cases:

  • For returned devices within the return period (usually, up to 14 days)
  • For security deposits
  • For credit balance (due to overpayment)

How Do I Get an AT&T Refund on My Own?

AT&T refunds are usually automatic, resulting from service cancellations, device returns, or charge disputes. They are applied to your account balance unless you contact the AT&T Customer Support and instruct them to direct the funds towards your payment method.

You can refer to the table below for ways to ensure your AT&T refund.

Can You Request a Refund Via

Yes / No








In Person

Yes (AT&T company-owned store)

If you would like to learn how to cancel an AT&T service, follow this page.

Is My Device Eligible for Return?

According to AT&T Return Policy, you can return your device during the return window if you bought it directly from AT&T in one of the following ways:

  1. At a company-owned store
  2. Via the phone
  3. Online

Keep in mind that AT&T Return Policy does not apply to authorized retailers, agents, outlets, and national retail stores as they have their return policies.

How Do I Return a Device?

If you are not pleased with your device, you can return it for a refund by:

  • Visiting an AT&T company-owned store
  • Shipping the device back

AT&T will issue your refund back to the original payment method, such as checks, credit and debit cards. The process may take up to two months. Your refund may be reduced by the amount of restocking or shipping fees.

For more information about specific device returns and accompanying regulations, check the Return Policy.

Note: Make sure to return items in a new-like state in original packaging. Components like manuals, batteries, and chargers as closeout items are not eligible for a return. For items that you are shipping back, also enclose the shipping label. If you don’t have one, contact Support.

What Are the Rules for Security Deposit Refunds?

For active accounts:

  • You need to have actively committed to an AT&T service for at least 12 months
  • During that time, your account cannot have been suspended for non-payment
  • Your account must be current and fully paid

For canceled accounts:

  • The security deposit will first be applied against your account balance
  • The remaining credit will be refunded once the account charges have been cleared

How Long Do Security Deposit Refunds Take?

The time window for AT&T to process your security deposit refund depends on your account’s status:

  • Active account—up to 15 days to process and send the refund
  • Closed account—up to 60 days to process plus five to seven business days for you to get the refund check

How Does a Credit Balance Refund Work?

If there is a credit balance in your AT&T account due to overpayment, you may be in line for a refund. How it will be applied depends entirely on the status of your account.

In the case of active accounts, AT&T will automatically reduce the next bill by the credit amount. If you want to opt out and request a refund, you will have to contact Customer Support:

As for canceled accounts, once they are terminated, AT&T takes about 45 days to process your refund. In case you don’t receive it within 60 days, you should contact Customer Support.

Note that if you have a prepaid account, the deposited funds in it are non-refundable.

Will the Activation Fee Be Included in the Refund?

Yes, if you cancel your service within three days of the activation.

How Do I Track the Status of My Return?

If you’d like to be in the loop about the status of the item you returned, follow this page.

How Do I Request an ATT Refund With DoNotPay?

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Is AT&T Giving You a Hard Time?

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