The Essentials of Getting a Refund for a FedEx Late Delivery

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Everything About FedEx Late Delivery Policy

What should you do if your package shipped by FedEx exceeds its estimated delivery date? Not knowing where your parcel is can spoil the excitement for a new order and completely ruin your mood.

While you can’t do much to speed up the delivery, you can report the issue to the shipper and request your money back. Usually, this procedure takes a lot of time, but with our guide, you will learn how to get a refund in a few taps! Find everything about FedEx’s late delivery policy in one place and learn how you can report the issue within minutes by .

Why Is My FedEx Package Taking So Long?

Even though FedEx is one of the couriers with the widest network of distribution, shipment delays happen regularly. The parcels dispatched by this courier may be late for various reasons, such as:

Weather-related situationsIn 40% of cases, delivery is late because of bad or severe weather conditions, such as rain, hail, and thunderstorms
Bad performance of the courierErrors made by the deliverer are another reason for late packages. The courier may prioritize other parcels or be unwilling to go to the addresses that aren’t near
Incorrect addressIt often happens that a sender provides the wrong suite number or a misspelled or incorrect street name. Even if you pay a pretty penny for correction and rerouting—and FedEx may charge you up to $13 for such service—it doesn’t guarantee that your parcel will be delivered on time
Recipient is unavailableThe courier might have tried to deliver your parcel, but you may have been absent or moved to another location. In such cases, they will reschedule the delivery
Insufficient documentationRetailers and other senders may forget to attach the required documents to the package. The parcel gets dispatched without them, but it can’t be delivered until the sender provides the missing documents. This paperwork includes:
  • Packing list
  • Tracking label
  • Shipping label
  • Commercial invoice
  • Certificate of origin
  • Electronic export information

You can check the status of your delivery and the reason for the late parcel by tracking it down via the official FedEx website.

How To Check the Status of My FedEx Delivery

To track down your parcel and check its status, proceed as follows:

  1. Visit the official FedEx website
  2. Pick the Track tab
  3. Enter your tracking number, FedEx office order number, or door tag number in the search field

This way, you can review all delivery status updates categorized by dates and check if there are any recent changes. If FedEx says the parcel is delivered, but your mailbox is still empty, or if the last update was a few days ago, you may want to contact the shipper and report the issue.

Does FedEx Offer Refunds for Late Deliveries?

On the 6th of April 2021, FedEx decided to suspend a money-back guarantee for numerous services within FedEx Ground, FedEx Office, FedEx Express, and FedEx Freight services. The courier’s policy now states that you can get a refund only for the late parcels shipped via:

  • FedEx International First
  • FedEx Priority Overnight
  • FedEx First Overnight
  • FedEx Standard Overnight
  • FedEx International Priority
  • FedEx International Priority Freight

According to the latest information, FedEx will provide a full refund of shipping costs even if your package is only 60 seconds late.

Ways To Apply for a FedEx Refund for Late Delivery

There are a few ways to request your money back from FedEx:

  1. Filing an online claim on the courier’s website
  2. Contacting customer support via phone or email
  3. Sending a letter to the courier

Whichever option you choose, note that you must file a refund claim within 15 days from the invoice date.

Requesting a Refund by Filing an Online Claim

Here’s how to submit an online application for a late FedEx delivery refund:

  1. Go to the official website of the courier
  2. Choose the Support tab
  3. Click on File a Claim and hit the red Start a Claim button
  4. Enter your tracking number and choose the claim type
  5. Provide as much information about the problem as possible
  6. Submit your claim and note the case number

Once you raise the claim, you can check its status by logging into your FedEx account and entering your case number. It’s also possible to request email updates.

Requesting a Refund by Calling Customer Support

To request your money back via phone, call (800) 463-3339 or (800) 247-4747 for international customer service. Explain the issue to the representative and disclose as many shipment details as possible. If the claim gets approved, FedEx will pay you back in seven to ten business days.

Requesting a Refund by Writing a Letter to FedEx

If you prefer to send a letter to the courier and file a refund claim this way, write to FedEx and inform them about the delayed delivery. Make sure to include all the necessary shipment specifics. The letter must be mailed within 14 days from the shipping date to the following address:

FedEx Customer Relations

3875 Airways, Module H3 Department 4634

Memphis, TN 38116

Avoid Contacting Customer Support—Get Your Refund Fuss-Free With DoNotPay

The procedure of demanding a refund from FedEx is more complicated than you may expect, and the company doesn’t put much effort into making it easier. Waiting in phone queues for hours can be exhausting, and even if you manage to get in touch with a customer care rep, they may not be willing to negotiate. Your best bet is to skip stressful phone calls and procedures and demand your money back in a snap with DoNotPay!

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Here’s how this feature works:

  1. Navigate to the Late Delivery Refund product
  2. Pick the courier
  3. Input the key shipment details, such as tracking number and estimated delivery time

We will automatically forward your refund request to the claim department of the courier in question!

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