DeviantArt Suspended Account—Simple Steps for Getting It Back

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The Ultimate Guide To Recovering DeviantArt Suspended Account

DeviantArt has created a welcoming community for artists and creatives. Besides getting to explore over 350 million artwork, you can use this online art community to connect with fellow art enthusiasts.

Receiving a notice about a DeviantArt suspended account can ruin your experience on the platform. Do you want to know why you were blocked from the platform and how you can lift the suspension? DoNotPay has all the answers!

We can also provide a way to reach out to DeviantArt about your suspended account and appeal your case!

Possible Reasons Behind a Suspended DeviantArt Account

DeviantArt supports creative freedom and expression but within limits of respectful and appropriate behavior. If your actions go against the platform’s terms of use, DeviantArt will suspend your account.

To provide guidelines for acceptable behavior on the platform to the art community members, DeviantArt has established specific policies of conduct. Check out the table below to see the policies and actions that constitute a violation of those policies:

PolicyActions That Violate the Policy
Etiquette policy
  • Making disrespectful, aggressive, or abusive comments
  • Spamming
  • Making discouraging comments that lead to hateful speech and threats
  • Disrespecting fellow artists
  • Using an avatar that shows nudity
  • Exploiting the features of the service illegally
Policy around sexual themes
  • Posting explicit content that features underaged models
  • Publishing erotic art with fictional characters depicted as minors
  • Uploading pornographic content
Policy on resolving social conflict
  • Posting screenshots about your conflict with another user
  • Harassing a user who blocked you
  • Writing aggressive journal and status posts about a conflict with another user
Policy on graphic content
  • Adding graphic content that shows self-harm, actual injuries, cruelty, or death
  • Posting fetish or sexual content depicting situations that are illegal, non-consensual, or unsafe
  • Showing photographic material that portrays injuries or death too graphically
Copyright policy
  • Posting someone's work without permission
  • Using someone’s art commercially without a permission
  • Adapting someone's creative work from one media to another—such as changing a photo into a painting—without permission
  • Editing someone’s work without permission
Policy on restricting hateful contentAttacking a person or group verbally because of race, ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability

How Long Will the Suspension Last?

If your account gets suspended, DeviantArt will send you a notification. The message will explain why you got suspended and for how long.

The length of the suspension depends on the violation, and it can last:

  1. 24 hours
  2. One week
  3. Two weeks
  4. 30 days
  5. Indefinitely

The countdown timer for the suspension expiration date will be shown on your main page—which only you will see.

If you’ve been suspended in the past, the new suspension will last longer—or become permanent.

While your account is suspended, the following restriction will apply:

  • Your profile won’t be visible to the public
  • Certain posts you made may be removed
  • Your community activity will be hidden
  • Your gallery may be removed
  • Interaction with the community or posting will be restricted

You will still be able to access your profile, control your gallery, and communicate with customer service.

When other members come across your page, they will see a blank page with a notice stating that your account has been suspended.

How To Get Your DeviantArt Suspended Account Back

DeviantArt offers its users a chance to make amends and recover their suspended profiles by sending an appeal. If your account was permanently blocked, you can also send an appeal to get it unbanned.

To appeal your suspension, you need to submit a web ticket on the platform to customer support. Elaborate on why you got suspended and why you want your account back. The customer service representatives will review your request and inform you of their decision.

If you’re having trouble submitting the ticket, you can email the reps about your suspension at

Note that even if the suspension is lifted, DeviantArt preserves the record about past suspensions and bans.

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DoNotPay Will Appeal the Suspended DeviantArt Account Decision in Minutes!

DoNotPay’s nifty Unban My Account tool will create a demand letter for your appeal that will put pressure on the company to revise your issue. The letter will explain your situation to DeviantArt in detail and request a quick response.

To send an appeal to DeviantArt, you need to:

  1. Find the Unban My Account product
  2. Answer a few simple questions, such as:
    1. Which platform suspended you—Type DeviantArt
    2. When was your account suspended
    3. Were you given any explanation why you were suspended
  3. Click the Sign and Submit button

Your digital signature will make the document valid, and DeviantArt will have no other choice but to address your request as soon as possible.

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